How to seal ribbons from fraying (hint: matches!)

Ok, so the title was not a hint but a clear giveaway that an easy way to seal ribbon from fraying is to use a match!  Yep, simple. Cut your ribbon, light a match and pass it lightly for about 1/2 a second on the ends of the ribbons to prevents the threads from unraveling. Go from one end to the next lightly.  Easy breezy, just don’t burn your fingers and send me hate mail from any ouchies.


Ya’ll wanna test it out don’tcha? Go ahead, go eyeball any left over gift wrapping ribbons and have fun experimenting on the beauty of simple techniques.


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2 Responses to How to seal ribbons from fraying (hint: matches!)

  1. Antonio says:

    What a great tip. Going to try it out now.

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