12 Unique Pumpkin Carvings Including a Tiger

Ready to see some jaw dropping pumpkin designs? Hubby and I went to Hudson Valley’s Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze on Monday where more than 5,000 individually carved pumpkins (yep 5,000 + + +) are displayed within a historic gorgeous landscape. The designs were so unique (snakes, spiders, dinosaur, animals, ghoulish skeletons etc fun etc). We first enter the large tent that has pumpkin chandeliers, which I loooove especially with the spiderweb reflections on the ceiling. Oooh, and the tent’s ceiling changes color, from purple/pink  …..

to orange …

I took lots of pics to share with you. The large designs consisted of pumpkins stacked together to make amazing designs. Ready for the pics? 

dinosaur …
 dragon … giraffe and elephant  tiger . . .

clock where the hand moves . . . . (and the ghoulish pathway, perhaps the Headless Horseman’s path) …  Graveyard . . .  Ghoulish ghosts . . .

Freaky spider-skeleton . . .  Spiderweb (remember ALL carved pumpkins placed together) … Witches brewing some spells (muwahahahaha) . . . . Also pretty butterflies 

And birds . . . 

I’ve gone to see the show/blaze 2 years ago and I am always stunned by the beautiful house surrounded by pumpkins (kinds reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 movie The Birds, but instead of birds the house is surrounded by pumpkins … lots and lots of them.

The house also changes color making it even more entrancing. I could had stared at it forever … esp since they have soooo many different carved pumpkins. Tickets were just $16.00 / $13 for kids / children under 3 attend free.

Did you carve any pumpkins this year? Below is one of the pumpkin I carved, I carved it 2 weekends ago sooooo it’s looking a little tired (or maybe more sinistery-ish)  . . . I made the ‘white teeth’ from potatoes.

Hubby made the large FANGS and added blood (red food dye). We ended up taking out the googly eyes to make ti more scary as opposed to duuuhh dooooy looking. Happy almost Halloween! Oh, another bat attacked hubby last night (that darn tape, I’ll double it up next time!).

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