Friday’s Finds . . . { Pink Christmas Cuteness! }

A peek at this past Wednesday’s Wink blog column reveals my Christmas decorating color scheme. Hmmm, maybe one day I will incorporate pink …..

.. especially since from today’s Friday’s Finds we see that we can still maintain an elegant flair to the ‘pink’ design. Ok, yes ‘girly’, but not necessarily childish looking. My fave are the pillows .. shows how we can incorporate little splashes of pink hues - i love it! Hmm, maybe my rugged hubby won’t mind me slipping in a ‘pink’ pillow on our living room sofa! And u? What item in today’s finds do you like?

{note: links below will either go straight to the item or the main website where you can type in the description to find the item}

1. Pink Mini Tree - $50
2. Diamond Wall Hooks - $8
3. Silk Pillows - $48
4. Gift boxes - $5.25
5. Reindeer Ornament - $13
6. Ribbon - $8.50
7. Hand Carved Chair - $365
8. Lombard Coffee Table - $229

*Model’s attire: Vila Knitted Sweater

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6 Responses to Friday’s Finds . . . { Pink Christmas Cuteness! }

  1. Lisa says:

    I love hot pink. I don’t use it in my home, but love to wear it. That coffee table is pretty cool as well.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I love putting hot pink in everything. Thanks for these pink inspirations!

  3. Janet says:

    My favorite are the pillows I think the gradations of pink are so cool. A hot pink Christmas would be so chic.

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