Making a PAPER LEAF Garland for less than $2.00!

Don’tcha love paper!!! I think too often we forgot how magical paper can be! Everything from easing your sniffles, comforting your tush, writing love notes, receiving receipts to remind you how awesomely you saved (you economista you!). Plus, designing ideas on paper and bringing them to life! Like I do with my designs, and today’s DIY - another economical (less than $2.00 y’all) - making another (last minute) garland for Thanksgiving Holiday.

The ingredients:
- paper (I purchased two 8.5×11 color paper [green/orange at $0.49], family text poem at $0.59)
- scout / hunt down paper materials already in your home $0.00 (more on that in a lil bit).


TOTAL COST: $1.64 (with sales tax)

Already at home (or from nature) ingredients (so $0.00):
- assorted leaves (from backyard, park, or n’hood)
- marker / pencil / pen / crayon
- scissors
- clear cord (alternative options: thread, choose one that matches your wall so the leaves maintain a floating look)
- removable hook (alt option: nail, tape)

Steps: simply (1) GATHER leaves (2) TRACE the real leaves on the PAPER with marker/pencil -> (3) CUT each leaf OUTLINE w scissors -> (4) then CUT two SLITS -> (5) SLIDE the CORD/ thread through the slit marks.

Ready to make your own? What I love about this project is that the leaf colors are endless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even making these for Xmas; you can cut leaf papers that match the color scheme of your tree.

Gather an assortment of leaves . . . .


Trace the leaf . . .

Cut the leaves outline & slits . . .

Thread the cord through the slits.

Remember that you can SAVE MONEY by hunting paper around your home. Check every room for unique THICK PAPER that you aren’t using (tips: brown paper bag from grocery store, magazine/ catalog, file folders). I scouted a beautiful striped file holder which already had lovely autumn colors… green, orange! I wasn’t using it to hold anything, so I turned it into leaves ….. cost $0.00




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