Adorable XOXOs on pillowcase and balloons

For my 5 year wedding anniversary I wanted to DIY a present for hubs. “Monogramming” something came to mind! Towel? Naah! Maybe something cozier. Aha, pillowcase! But instead of adding his initials, I decided to add a love note (hugs and kisses) … XOXO. So i purchased a new pillowcase and used fabric paint to write my love note on the pillowcase. Then, wrapped the present and added balloons – message balloons (see instructions below). Notice anything inside the balloons below?

I added a photo w/a message into each balloon!!! Every balloon marked a year of our marriage (5 years = 5 balloons), plus a photo of each year.

How to create ANNIVERSARY / BIRTHDAY message balloons:

1. use marker to write each # of years (anniversary, birthday, etc) on the balloon

2. insert a photo of each year (1st anniversary, 2nd anniversary, etc) so you can both reminisce of the eventful year

3. blow into the balloon without passing out + tie it up

4. (the fun part), give hubs a pin to POP the balloon and see the photo/note inside (I taped a pin onto the anniversary card that I gave him first)

Painting XOXO onto a PILLOWCASE is very economical and super easy to do. The tough part will be hiding it from your significant other while it dries (for at least 24hrs)! The beautiful part is that YOU created it on your own (custom made with looooove, wink!). Here are the INGREDIENTS and instructions:

1. pillowcase / iron it so it’s smoother to paint

2. pencil / lightly write your love note (XOXO)

3. fabric paint / paint over the pencil outline

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  1. antonio says:

    They are adorable.

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