Monday’s Make-it … { our garden revamp | Part 1 }

How was your weekend? Hubby and I went to see Sister Act the Musical with Raven Symone .. the musical was VERY entertainment (those nuns can dance!!!). I was a bit surprised how strict the theater was in not allowing people to take photos in the lobby  before the show started … kinda squooshing people’s excitement (turning smiles to frowns). I completely understand NOT taking photos during the show, and their reminder of it was funny … load speaker saying ‘Taking Photos During the Show is a SIN’ (funny!!!!). Anywhooo, our weekend also entailed GARDENING …… scouting nurseries for garden inspiration so we can MAKE our garden pretty. That’s me above spotting a flowering bush, then I saw the price-tag and almost fell over (seriously). So the mission is to revamp our garden ‘economically’ … we spotted hydrangeas for only $18 so we POUNCED on it .. and brought it back to it’s new home (hubby does the planting … he used to landscape in college so he loves this kind of stuff, me .. not so much … ewwww soil):

Aren’t the hydrangeas pretty. I went back to get PINK ones and they were alllll gone (cry!!!!) … people, it’s like garden wars over here, seriously .. you snooze, you lose, so needless to say that next time I see pink hydrangea .. POUNCE:

Can you see what luuuuured me to this nursery below? No, not the OPEN sign … the DONUTS (yuuuummmm! at the Westchester Greenhouse nursery):

Here are a few pics I took at the nursery in Larchmont, NY:

Do you love these roses below? They are from our garden (last year photos) .. the beauty of having a garden … is that I can easily bring FRESH flowers inside my home …..

And fresh fruits …..


I have been thinking of planting CARROTS this year to entice more of these to visit us: 

Ok, am I the only one that finds this sign below FUNNY? hahaha ok, ok, I can be a little immature sometimes!! … so which would you choose (giggle giggle)!

They beauty of a garden is that YOU can MAKE one whether it’s outdoors or indoors, real plants/flowers or artificial. I’ll share my indoor creation in a few hours since I already overloaded this post with 2,506,289 photos! Here’s a quick sneak peek:

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) (Blog Parties: Skip to My Lou, Making the World Cuter)Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment scroll down.

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6 Responses to Monday’s Make-it … { our garden revamp | Part 1 }

  1. Louis says:

    Great job making a mundane trip to the greenhouse entertaining! Your pictures are better than ever. Let’s see more of that garden you’re working on.

    • Ada says:

      Oooh, greenhouse visits are NEVER mundane to “me” …. surrounded by ooh so pretty flowers … wish I could relocate my office desk there (outdoors) … though I think they would catch on that I don’t work there!.

  2. Rose says:

    So many pretty things!! Beautiful hydrangeas :)

    PS: The manure signs are kinda funny - I can’t decide if “composted” or “dehydrated” would smell less stinky but that one would be my choice, less smelly!

  3. homestilo says:

    Sounds/looks like a wonderful weekend. How I wish I had a garden to plant hydrangeas in.

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