Nicole’s red-tacular living room!

Welcome to the design I created for my client Nicole (last week I featured her cowgirl shabby chic bedroom design. For her design, we rolled out the red carpet …. ok, not exactly red … it’s orange-striped-carpet tiles! Stripes for the entry way (foyer coolness), then we extended the tan color into the home office + dining space. Yep, it’s another 3 in 1 design (office, dining, and living room).

From the pic below, the only thing that wasn’t new is the sofa + artwork behind it ….

We kept the ooh so pretty floral (aka: makes-me-want-to-pack-my-bags-for-a-tropical-vaca) chair. Oh, yeah .. I forgot that I just came back from vaca (stress level came back so I am up for another vaca STAT!). Did you spot the cute model strutting his handsome self?

Below are some ‘before’ peek-a-boos of the apt. We kept (1) sofa, (2) floral chair, (3) dining table, (4) dining chairs, (5) window blinds (same money!), and (6) relocated the TV stand to the bedroom (see it here).

Bye bye coffee table, area rug, pillows . . .

Hellooooo colors. Hello elegant glass coffee table, suave tv console, awesome bookcase, radiant rug, and AMAZING artwork. Why amazing? It’s ‘meaningful’ artwork that my client loooves:

Mixing old art  (like my client’s awesome equestrian medal) and photos with new ones. When I spotted the 2 horse prints, I KNEW Nicole was going to looooove them (she does … wohoooo!):

Here’s an overview photo … … helloooo color! Check out how the height of the photo/art wall gallery (left side of the room) balances the height of the black book shelves (right side of the room). All schemed into my master plan. Oh and did you spot “IT” yet? The real lasso (thanks to ebay!) mounted to the kitchen wall:

Because Nicole was keeping the dark red sofa, it was important to bring visual height into the space … cue in: floating wall shelves up up uuup high. And aren’t the vintage stools adorbs? The open legged design was a MUST so it wouldn’t feel/look heavy/bulky in the room. Extra seating woohooooooo!

That floral chair! Where’s my vacation bag?! 

I have an onsite design consultation tomorrow afternoon after my dentist (eeek!) appointment, but will try to post the design presentation boards for this project. So, what is your fave item in the living/dining/office space? Did you see a mayor difference in swapping/replacing furniture items?  My fave ‘element’ of the design was merging old with new furniture items.  Like, I LOVE how I was able to find a swing arm lamp with an awesome RED SHADE that matches the red sofa = looks custom without the ‘expensive’ (“omg, feeling faint seeing the price tag”) dollar amount. If you haven’t see the bedroom design, here a peek below and you can see more pics of it here.

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8 Responses to Nicole’s red-tacular living room!

  1. Jonathan F says:

    Such a happy space, full of light and color. You lassoed some good finds!

  2. noreen says:

    nice work, ada! it’s bright and cheery now. happy weekend!

  3. homestilo says:

    The red is such a fun addition. I really like the equestrian wall as well.

    • Ada says:

      The red accents were inspired by the client’s current red sofa (color she loves = maximize it), so we added it onto …. the lamp shade, vintage stools, tv console, artwork. So the room doesn’t fell lopsided (haha) with color in just ONE side.

  4. Hi Ada!!! Such a beautiful space!!! I think you would like to see my site. There you’ll find my dictionary art prints on antique and vintage books pages…I really think they’d work very nice with this kind of fresh, colorful, happy spaces you’ve created! hope you enjoy them!!!! you can also find me on Etsy:

    • Ada says:

      Hi Elsie, glad u like the living room design I created for Nicole. Thanks for stopping by, and sharing your talent (GREAT etsy shop, I love how the colors POP against the vintage pages)

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