Nicole’s Living Room Presentation Board

Here’s a peek at the presentation boards I created for Nicole to show her the design I had created for her.  I knew she was going to LOVE the sexy stiletto illustration (simple print that draws forth an emotion .. like “watch out, sexy girl in the hoooouzz”).

I looooove when the designs I concoct in my brain is brought to life mmwaaahaha (Frankendesigner?!). Ok, not catchy. Don’t call me that. We didn’t use all the items I presented (in case u r wondering “where the heck is that red chair” in the design.

Here’s the furniture placement layout that I created … everything in it’s own special place for a lovely floooow (flow defined as: not bumping into furniture):

We used carpet TILES, which arrive in 19.7″ squares. Cue contractor. Cut cut cut tiles in half for a horizontal (slim) design. Now, if only my jeans could fit me so slim-ly <- I’m working on it (hence, ZUMBA class tonight .. err, maybe).

I love how the foyer welcomes my client with a color that she LOVES. If home would speak I think it would say … “welcome home. close the door, take off your shoes and forget about any craziness that you had at work or running into that crazy neighbor of yours. you are home now. hug” 

Should I be worried that I am animating a home to ‘speak’? Hmm, keep an eye on me. Heading out today for my onsite ideas consult in Manhattan and the dreaded (almost canceled bec I’m a chicken to “change”) dentist appointment. Wish me luck. Other presentation boards here: Bill’s bedroom, Cathy + Charles dining room, how I prep them. Photos of the house we rented in Hawaii coming soon. Maybe tomorrow, or this weekend …. or in “June” (yeah, that’s a safer deadline .. sometime in June). Have pity, I have to sit at the dreaded dentist chair.

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2 Responses to Nicole’s Living Room Presentation Board

  1. Looking good Ada! I love those jazzy carpet tiles!

  2. Ada says:

    Carpet tiles DO ROCK! Amazing what cool designs we can make when we mix + match them.

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