Happy 2014 | 6 ways to make it sparkle

Happy new year my friends! Hubs and I had a spectacular new year’s eve and day - very sparkly! I took these pics to share the fun.  Isn’t fueling the spark (our desires and passions) within us a great goal to have this year? Today i will be sharing 5 tips on how you can keep your spark illuminated. And, I wanted to share a love note. The beautiful Mary T Scott sent me this love letter in one of her newsletters that expresses exactly what I want for you (and myself) this New Year. It reads as follows:

What I want for you now and in the new year is this …
Open up the real you. Untie the wrapping.
You carry more precious gifts within.
Be you.

Connect with what you believe is possible for you.
Pay attention to it. Nurture it. Set it free.

No one else has your passions, your goals, your aspirations.
Your thoughts are unique.
Your perspectives are unique.
Your potential is unique.

What a gift, to read her note full of loving wishes to be who we are meant to be, open and lovingly authentic. Every word she stated, I want for myself and you. I want us to be so crazy authentically open to be ‘us’, replacing the word FEAR WITH FUN. You can make this year sparkle with your true self without the help of fireworks. Here are 6 ways to fuel your spark to meow (I mean ROAR) this year:

1. make your bed EVERYDAY …………… this tasks helps you feel like you already accomplished something productive before you even start your reg work day. Spark that fire of productivity early in the day. And hey, making the bed doesn’t have to be hotel-like precise; just enough that It doesn’t feel messy / sloppy to you which gives us visual peace (seeing things in order).

2. breath …………. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of breathing; besides the ovi, it’s a tool to bring us back to the present no matter what hectic-ness may be around us. Try taking 2 deep breaths to the count of 10 seconds (breath in for 10, bring out for 10, 2 rounds). It takes less than 30 seconds to do. You are worth 30 seconds of you time, right? Yes you are. Try programming your phone alarm every hour to remind yourself to breath. You may be shockingly surprised how often your mind may fight your heart when you want to take 30 seconds for yourself, sending statements like … “I don’t have time for this”. Do-able in less than 30 seconds my friends. It is do-able. When I breath with intention It takes me away from my mind zoooooooming with a million things, to honoring the importance of mental peace (which miraculously leads to physical peace). This year ignite that spark of cherishing your time throughout the day.

3. Create ………. we are all creative beings. Now I don’t mean we are all masters at using glue guns (as you can tell from my boo boo here), but we are all creatives. We create ideas, jokes, fun plans, crazy dance moves etc, etc things-that-make-us-feel-great etc. This year, keep the spark in your creativity. How? By creating things that makes you smile / laugh / be in the moment.

4. Mantra / goals ….. make it a habit to state a daily intention. This keeps the flame of passion-will-and-desires going. We tend to pass the time helping others (or bowing  down to our long to-do-lists (mental/or written) of I have-tos or I need-tos that we sometimes lose ourselves; sometimes even our desires and passion. Ignite and keep the goal oriented spark going by reciting your mantra with intent. Write an intent and fueeeeeeeeel it by mentally repeating it every day. These are my mantras …. Believe. Trust. Let Go. …. recited often when doubt creeps in and  the Sanskrit one of Sat Chit Ananda which translate to Existence Consciousness Bliss, Stated to plug-into my spiritual self helping me increase my meditation habit. Think of mantras that make you feel wonderful when stated. It could even be “I eat live am healthy bec I love myself”. The power of the spark is within the “intention”. It’s not enough to say that you want to lose weight, the “why” is the flame that nourishes it into being.

5. connect ……… connecting with peeps (old friends, new ones, fam, community, etc) is a powerful tool for keeping the spark of sharing who you are (your talents, your love, your ideas). Something beautifully magical happens when we connect (esp us bloggers), our heart gets sparks with laughter and fun when we connect with other creative being. And as I already said, we are ‘all creative”.


6. Gratitude  ……… before you go to sleep count FIVE things that you are grateful for. Gratitude is a powerful flame. I am a firm believer that you cannot go to a higher level in your life (career + personal life) without being grateful for the things you currently have. I guarantee my friends that this step alone will change your life. As exhausted as you may feel late at night it will spark a smile within your heart that will fuel you throughout the night in preparation for the morning. Some people may have a hard time listing what they are grateful for when they are going through a tough time, but there is always reasons to be grateful. For someone who is at a job that they loathe, their gratitude list may be  ………….. (1) I am grateful that I do have a job when many are out of work, (2) I am grateful that I have a subway train near me to get to work during snowing/rainy days, (3) I am grateful that I missed my train bec I was able to run into a wonderful friend that I hadn’t seen in years. (4) I am grateful for my sight to see that adorable child smile at me, (5) I am grateful that I spotted that expiration date on the meat, or I may had become sick and missed a day of work (earnings). …………… Listing your gratitude vibrates your appreciation for life.

Ready to fuel your desires this 2014?!! Open up and follow your heart (spirit, true self) to shout (with love) your desires, and in turn you will get more compassion and opportunities to live beautiful.


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