our newsletter is back, baby!

Our newsletter is baaaaack, baby!

We found out that Google Reader  is shutting down + feedburner may be next (EEK! FAINT. GOT UP AGAIN). Which could explain the unfixed Feedburner glitch we have experienced = for the past  3 weeks our blog subscribers have not been getting the daily blog update (eek!). Sorry guys!

So, here’s the skinny … if you wish to receive our newsletter via email (featuring our top blog posts) you can subscribe here <- to stay in touch. This way you don’t have to bookmark my blog, I will simply visit you via email bi-weekly (vs feedburner’s daily hello).

Are you as sad as I am about Google Reader? Terra Rose’s quote will surely cheer you up! Have you had any issues with Google’s feedburner? They r soooo lucky that I love their calendar or else  …. they would be listening to me singing (off tune, of course!)These Boots Were Made For WalkingI would even throw in the wiggle dance with my mean face on. Have a beautiful day!

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4 Responses to our newsletter is back, baby!

  1. Oh no! I had heard about google reader (although this seems to have been going on for years) but feedburner too? *Sigh* Blogging is certainly becoming harder. I will make sure to subscribe to your newsletter Ada!

    • Ada says:

      Yep, it’s official on July 1st 2013 (less than 2 weeks away EEEEK), Google Reader will shut down (boohooo). Feedburner shutdown is currently a rumor, no official notice from Google yet … but internet has a not of buzz of rss not working + not being fixed (mega boo hooo). Happy to have u as a subscriber Meghan, hugs!

  2. homestilo says:

    I never used Google Reader. But, I find that using Bloglovin to follow fellow bloggers works out pretty well..

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