Parteee at a multi-functional furniture store


I had the opportunity to spend an evening playing with furniture while munching on hors d’oeuvre. What store lured me? The fabulous Resource Funiture, with their multi-functional furniture items which I got to touch, pull, swing, sit on, drool, gasp in amazement, smile from ear to ear. The event (held on March 12th got VERY crowded) also included a cool look back on how the design started + new ideas in the making. Ready to see some of their cool space saving furniture items?  

Look who I managed to bring to the event? Not munch convincing him, I just said 2 words = there’s food! The colorful panels (with cool chalkboard design) are actually ….. (ready for this) …. bunk beds! Say whaaaa? Time for me to PLAY with the furniture.

I managed to sneak away from from the crowd to take these pics and awe at the furniture with other fellow escapees.

Regular wall panels? Naaa uh! Deep storage sectionals are beautifully hidden in the back of the panels. Ooooh, how much STUFF I can put there (yeees, I am currently daydreaming, leave me alone!) 

 …… Ok, I’m back. The blue ‘desk’ pulls up so you can bring down a bed (which is behind the green panel). Impressed yet?

All the chalkboard panel reminds me of the FIRST project I ever used chalkboard paint on - a design in Yonkers, NY which ended up being featured in the The Journal News (waaaaay back in 2007).

Next week I’ll feature some of the AMAZING finds at The Architectural Digest Design Home Show held in Pier 94 (Manhattan). Have your popcorn ready, bec I got access to see the DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) table settings (designed/sponsored by names like Herman Miller, Ralph Lauren Home, Kravet) and they were jaw dropping SPECTACULAR.

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5 Responses to Parteee at a multi-functional furniture store

  1. antonio says:

    The furniture looks great, I really like the multi-functionality of the pieces.

  2. Shopping + food and drinks? I’m there! Haha! The shop looks really fab.

  3. I love those bunkbeds! I am always dreaming of extra/modern/hidden storage, so these make me pretty happy.

    • Ada says:

      It’s like magic = seeing the wall transformed into storage + bunk beds (super awesome!). Glad the visuals make you happy too :)

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