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I had the pleasure of being invited to the 2013 Post-it 3M preview launch of their new products, and it was ….. fun, colorful, and super creative! The DJ mixes were cool, hors doeurves were YUM, and being surrounded by so much pink made me - happy! It was nice to get a peek of the items before they hit the stores, most become available in May, and some will not be available until Fall. I love the Post-It Big Pads below ….  

One of the small post-its above around the Big Pads is mine since we were encourage to write a message, I wrote the word “Love” (i think! hmm, can’t remember what I wrote … yes, they served wine, no, I didn’t have any <- watching my calories intake peeps, wink!). Now is this the COOLEST cyclone EVER? …  

When I arrived to one of their tables I was asked what magazine I was from. Whaaaa? a magazine? Lilttle ‘ol me? I guess they expected many mag reviews. I clarified that I was not from a magazine but the owner of an interior design company that specialized in residential designs, and that I often create home office designs personalized to my clients personality. That makes me the perfect match for their office accessory preview (woohoooo)! Check out 3 of the staged home office spaces that they displayed … same table + chair … but the varied accessories (stationary, pillows, etc.) gives them each a different style / personality ….

Now, below pics show when I was wowed . . . .

What’ that green tree isn’t a decal? Yep, it’s tape (awesome!). What that bike wasn’t make polka-dotted? Yep, it’s tape that you can easily remove (say whaaaat). We were also able to write encouraging notes on post-its for victims of hurricane Sandy (see below), the post-ts were color-coordinated … yellow = went to all spot with #4, purple = spot #3, and at the end  I believe it created a design on the wall (emphasize on “I believe” since I ended up leaving before the map was completed).

Food was creatively made and delicious.

Check out how this space was creatively transformed ….

A simple bookcase was transformed to look like a house (isn’t it ADORABLE!!!!) housing accessories.

And I thought these skateboards were painted, BUT NOOOOOOPE, all 3 designs were created with their masking tape:

I took me a lil while to figure that MMXII meant 2013 (duuuh!). Pretty cool, huh! Now, if I was a pre-teenager, I would totally pimp up my locker like the ones below ….

Though, my fan photo would had probably been a picture of Charlie from the music band Menudo (yikes, I think I just revealed my age!). I even took time to play hopscotch (ok, I just pretended = still fun!). . .

Don’tcha love the geometric design created with .. YEP, TAPE … on the floor?

 Check out these miniature art pieces … yep, all created on Post-its

… by artist and entertainer Gregory Adamson. Why is he called an entertainer? Check out his video here.  When I left the party (this decorator can’t party as she used to), I got a goodie bag filled with sooooo much stuff.  I love how I get to “test” their projects before they are in stores (yeah!!!). When I arrived at home hubby stole grabbed the Karate tape dispenser and I kept the frog one.

There is NOT one single package that I plan to mail out that will not have a colorful shipping tape like the pink/purple polka-dotted Scotch packing tape below.

Bright colors are super cheery; could cheer up recipients (no matter what crazy day they may be having) and dare I suggest … if the package is pretty, maybe it would prevent the package from being kicked around by couriers (more TLC in the world!). I am starting to eyeball items in my home to see how I will decorate them with tape (def a DIY post in the future!). Have a spectacular weekend!

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