New year weekend … fun! (snowman!)


 I hope you are having a great weekend (or had a great weekend if you are reading this during the weekday). On New Years day hubby and I decided to stroll into town to get a cup of coffee, then walk to the nearby park, and when we saw all the snow that was still accumulated in the park we just couldn’t resist … we built a snowman!

Well, ok he mainly built the snowman and I helped. Making buttons out of rocks, acorns for the eyes, leaves for hair (though it looks more like a toupe), … and did you spot the pipe? Patrick found that one! Last week was pretty hectic, so it was great to be able to relax and have fun. Today … I am cleaning (decluttering, dusting, piling up the donation pile of clothes, etc.) Then tomorrow, I am going to carve some time at work to go through my office files and de-clutter those. All our Xmas stuff is stored and our home is ready for this beautiful new year … well almost … I have to get back now to finish up cleaning! The results of de-cluttering and starting anew is invigorating .. especially when you blast some fun music when you de-clutter/clean! LalaLaaala …. have a beautiful day!!!

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  1. You always look like you are having so much fun, I love it! Keep bringing in the good energy! It’s contagious.

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