My tootsie rolls Halloween wreath!

This year I decided to make my front door wreath ‘different’ :) .. and I admit it was quite ‘delicicious’ to make! I purchased a black leaf wreath for about $5.99 at the Christmas Store Shop near me and decided to ‘Halloween-ize’ it more by adding candy. I chose Tootsie Rolls bec. it is my favorite candy in Halloween. At 1st I thought about gluing the candy but figured it would be messy and too permanent soooo I decided to staple it instead. Which means that I ‘HAD TO’ eat the candy to use the wrapper (hey, a decorator has to do what a decorator has to do in THE NAME OF DESIGN). Confession … I had soooo much more Tootsie Rolls candy at home when I thought of this project, but by the time I actually DID the project they were mostly already in my tummy …. so hence the minimal candy on the wreath. I think the design would be SPECTACULAR with moooore candy … but I have been banned from buying more  until the day of Halloween in order to guarantee that we have candy in our home for the Trick o Treaters!!!

Did you notice the red bow? .. the Kit Kat candy bar (my 2nd fav halloween candy!). I hope you make this Halloween YUMMY! If you do, let me know what you decided to do. It’s not too late … you still have several days before Halloween! ~ Hugs!  

(Photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design)


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4 Responses to My tootsie rolls Halloween wreath!

  1. Lisa Shultz says:

    What a lovely site and great idea of the candy wreath! Your site is a delight to browse! Keep up the good work!

  2. very cute! Love the tootsie rolls…

  3. For some reason I love tootsie rolls, those things wouldn’t last on that wreath in my house. :)

  4. Ada says:

    Glad you all loved the wreath … it was DELICIOUS to make …. I may create another wreath for Christmas as well … think it may be a snow/white Christmas theme.

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