Part 2, the guest room reveal is FINALLY here!

It’s taken me so long to create this post that my hair grew immensely since the design was implemented (seriously! yikes). But, it’s finally here. My previous post revealed how temporary walls can be “rented” to make an extra room in your home (see drawings/post here). Now, the reveal …  da daa daaa (yes i’m feeling dramatic today, wink!). Huge thanks to my design assistant Albina Dobruskin (((HUG))) for helping me take photos. What a crazy day it was .. squeezing in styling and photographing mid afternoon. We were racing against the clock (tick tock, knowing that by 4pm it would be dark outside and we would lose natural light, eek). The biggest furniture piece inside the room was a murphy bed.

Here’s a sneak peek of the TEMPORARY wall that were installed to create this bedroom (psst, do read the previous post here so you aren’t lost on the design plan).


I already knew Melanie and Rahul’s design style since I decorated their previous apartment, so this would be a breeze, right?! Um, not really.  Remember, I needed to design a TEMPORARY bedroom from an EMPTY space (NO WALLS!) and make it MULTI-FUNCTIONAL (though, that is my specialty, wink!) and ECONOMICAL since they may be/could-be/possibly moving. I was def, up for the challenge. I finished a pint of ice cream (my brain food!) for inspiration, and came up with a design.


Keeping: their existing window blinds and a small TV

Walls installed - see how here.

guest bedroom - we added murphy bed, dresser, table lamp, happy colorful bedding, decor

yoga/ meditation space - green meditation pillows added, existing TV mounted to the wall for yoga tapes, bottom of dresser can be used to store pillows

study area - the murphy bed I hunted down + presented for clients approval has a pull out table (awesome sauce!).

tiny nursery space - yep, they were expecting. Still in the early stages of the preg, they simply wanted an area to add a small crib which they would buy when the due date got closer. Remember, they were possibly having to move back to California for work so all items had to be ECONOMICAL and transferable.

update: they had a beautiful baby girl named Anjali (I love that name!), and yes they ended up moving back to California. But before they move they did get to enjoy the designed room. More photos below.

Murphy bed came with a strap so you can tuck in the bedding and pillow and open /close. Yes, my friends murphy beds are STILL AWESOME. Ya just need to get the right design to fit within your space.


What a huge difference huh? Yep, interior design school teaches us magic! From no walls into … tadaaa …. a cozy, stylish, hip, modern guest room.


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4 Responses to Part 2, the guest room reveal is FINALLY here!

  1. Antonio says:

    Great idea with the Murphy bed

  2. Albina says:

    Was browsing through your website (to get fun and inspiring ideas, of course) and was like: hmm, that looks familiar. Sure it is. I remember this project very well. What a good job we (you mostly, lol) have done! OOOh, and I have so many more updates to add to the website archives (so keep coming back for inspiration and maybe even more pics of you, wink!).

    • Ada says:

      Hi Albina, well of course .. with your AMAZING help we got it done. I remember us rushing to shoot before it got dark (I think we lost daylight around 4:30pm back then), phew! And thanks for always reminding me (tackling me!) to eat something so I don’t pass out ;-) Hope your floor installations are going smooth (and that u r having fun).

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