Mood color board – client in Upper East Side (Manhattan)

Here’s a mood board I created for one of my clients where I designed one space to serve as a living room, office area, and dining space, plus I designed a food-bar lounge area as well (we are having the photoshoot for the completed design next week .. I am looking fwd to it). As you can see, we incorporated alot of earthy tones …

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3 Responses to Mood color board – client in Upper East Side (Manhattan)

  1. Hi Ada! LOVE the new site. Great job! You are always so fabulous! I love this mood board. Reminds me of my miniatures. 🙂 I’m clearing out the Halloween decor and getting ready for harvesty / fall decor for November. Any fun, easy ideas for fall decor?

  2. You are beyond talented! I love watching your creations come to life. Thank you for being so inspirational to all of us – it makes me think differently about the space I live in and how it can be transformed into something magnificient…

  3. Ada says:

    Hi Melissa … as for your question, yes stay tune for future posts on fall decor ideas that I believe you will love.

    Andrea …. thank u for your beautiful words, they make my heart smile. Remember, a home becomes ‘magnificent’ by illuminating YOU within your home .. surround yourself with items that you love … allowing the STAR in you to shine!

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