Weekend project - How to monogram your wall ECONOMICALLY

Hi! Today’s post is a project I designed for an apartment’s dressing area adjacent to a small bathroom. The mission was to turn a boring wall beautiful without adding wallpaper, decal, artwork, or buying a stencil. So, I stared at left over paint and came up with …. monogramming the wall creating my own motif stencil simply out of copy paper (yep, DIY style baby!). Normally I would suggest a thicker paper material for a stencil, but on a teanie tiny small budget I aimed to create a WOW factor design without spending much money. Mission accomplished. 

8.5×11 copy paper … had in the office
printer …. doesn’t everyone have one in their home?
brush ………. had already
paint ……..  used left over paint

Here’s how it turned out (oh, and do you see the letter ‘A’ in the design? Tilt your head to the left or right to see it):

the easy STEPS:
(1) create a design
(2) print the design + tape together (if need be)
(3) cut the outline of the design (it is now a stencil) 
(4) tape the stencil to the wall
(5) paint it
(6) remove the stencil
(7) do touch ups (if needed) using a small brush
(8) say oooh and aaaah when complete

(1) CREATE THE DESIGN:  for this monogrammed wall, I choose the letter “A” turned on it’s side, mirrored, and repeated 3 times for a total of 4 letter A’s. I used the font NotnorvalHMK for the cool curves within the letter.

With a marker I attached the end ‘leg’ of the letter A and created a HEART design within the monogram. 

I first created a miniature version on my computer to get the design approved, then printed it GINORMOUSLY using regular 8.5×11 copy paper in sections ….. 

(2) PRINT THE DESIGN: the ginormous version took (9) sheets of copy paper. I taped all 9 sheets together to make one LARGE motif design stencil. I used the SAME stencil for the entire wall (total of 10 motifs) and it miraaaaculously didn’t fall apart from me (so, it’s do-able; just don’t dunk so much paint on the brush).


(6) REMOVE THE STENCIL and re-position it to the next area

(7) DO TOUCH-UPS. You save money NOT buying an actual stencil, but be prepared to do some quick touch ups, especially at the end when the paper stencil becomes damp from paint.

(8) OOH AND AAH - do a happy dance! 

The beauty of creating your own stencil is that it is ONE OF A KIND. It is not a design that you (or anyone else) can buy at a store.  So, if you want to beautify a: . . . .

closet door

. . . with hardly any $$$, then maybe you can try creating your own unique stencil. Go ransack your closet for left over paints (or you can buy sample size paint jar). This is totally a project that can be tackled over the weekend ( in half a day). And hey, if you want help creating a MONOGRAM design then just email me or my office the letter or letters you want to use along with a photo of the area where you plan to place the design and I will create a motif design for you for free. Seriously, I’m happy to create a unique design for you.

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8 Responses to Weekend project - How to monogram your wall ECONOMICALLY

  1. SOOO cute!! I can’t believe that actually worked! You have some true talent.

    Im your newest follower! I would love a follow back especially since we have such similar taste!


  2. WOW! This is so amazing! I would love to create something just like this!! Thanks for sharing your tops and how-to!
    ~Jen @ F5

  3. Shai says:

    Cute design! Next time, after taping the design pages together, trace it onto freezer paper that you find at the grocery store. :)

  4. Pat Zaffo says:

    I always love your ideas. I have been a decal person for some years. If I don’t feel like painting a whole room I may paint one wall a different color and use decals. They are great. Love your bathroom idea. Where do you get your decals? Is there a web site or local store?

    Take care

    • Ada says:

      So lovely seeing a comment from you! As magical as stencil’s can be (In this bathroom design, I used a stencil - created by simple copy paper), I also do love decals (NO MESSY PAINT!!!). Though, it’s fun getting “messy” some times ; ) I usually source my decals online - there is a mega variety of #decals at etsy.com (just specify what kind of decal you are looking for). My other go to place is: http://www.whatisblik.com and http://www.dezignwithaz.com. Have fun looking for decals, and let me know which one you choose.

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