Monday’s Make-it DIY… { Salad Bowl ‘Planter’ }

I looove re-purposing items, such as tackling (football style tackle!!) a salad bowl and converting it into an outdoor planter. The goal was to find a pretty home for these little beauties = thyme!!! Their aroma is beautifully potent, plus did you know that they are used as mosquito repellents … in cindradella (thank goodness for spell check) citronella candles. Here they are right out of the box:

Here’s the wood salad bowl getting ready for the transformation. We (umm, hubby) drilled 7 holes in the base. Do you like my hubby’s workshop desk below (btw - not recommended!!!) - he simply grabbed the drill’s container (heavy duty plastic) to use as a desk then driillllllzzzzzzz. 

It got the job done … TACKLE … TOUCHDOWN! Now we def can’t use it as a salad bowl …. our dressing would spill out (ooh so messy!!!): 

So, a planter it is: 

Oooooh, my manicure …. 

Ok, ok … I didn’t REALLY do much work to mess up my manicure. I know how to handle the little shovel …. 

Our medium shovel still wins the battle when I try to use it, hubby digs with it like I eat cotton candy (melt / yuuum):  

Here’s the salad bowl now happily being used as a planter (see the plant and flowers happily waving?!!): 

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment please scroll down!

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