Monday’s Make-its … thank yous + place cards

Are you giving out THANK YOU cards this Thanksgiving? I am! This holiday, try decorating your table with ’thank yous’ .. perfect whether you are the host or guest! Paper Source is a wonderful store that carries a variety of …. you guessed it … paper; such as these cool ones:

Check out the creative designs made by Angie (and her kids) spotted at Paint Ideas … they made pilgram hats that serve as placecards. Cool huh!

How did they do it? By spray painting terra cotta plant pots, gluing ribbons (1 with candy corn), then writing the kids name on each pot (I mean .. each hat). Check out her post here. Also, if spray painting isn’t your thing, then head over to a party store to get a plain party hat and decorate it yourself …. the best part of the party hat ‘placecard’ is that kids can wear it! I know ‘I’ would!

(Photo Credits: Top-Paper Source, Bottom- Paint Ideas)

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  1. Funny, these are the hats I just wrote about on the other blog posts. These are great to make! I love this turkey too!

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