Monday’s Make-Its . . . Starburst Mirror!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was wonderfully relaxing … including creating a snowbear with my hubby. Whatchagonna do when you get a lot of snow? Play! I’ll post a few pictures this coming weekend for you to see how funny our snowbear looks. In the meantime … check out this beautiful DIY creation:  

Wow ……

Janell from Isabella & Max Rooms created this AAAAAAMAZING sunburst mirror with a few supplies and lots of handy work!  After purchasing a simple mirror, some branches, and much needed accessories (saw, glue, etc) Janell was on her way to making the sunburst mirror.  Using some tape to line the branches up accordingly, Janell added branch by branch until her sunburst was complete! For her step by step guide, and where to buy materials click here! Thank you Janell for sharing this beautiful DIY mirror any bringing inspirational sunshine into our life.

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6 Responses to Monday’s Make-Its . . . Starburst Mirror!

  1. Janell Beals says:

    Thanks for the shout out Ada, and the best thing about this tutorial is how many great variations I have seen of it…making me want to do another using other’s tips!

    Have a great one…Janell

    • Ada says:

      You are welcome! The tutorial is very inspirational and u showed us how easy it can be done. Keep shining your wonderful talent!!!

  2. Okay, this is AMAZING. Not sure where you find these things.

    • Ada says:

      Yesh, Janell did a great job … I have another diy blogger that created a similar design which I will be featuring in a few weeks. There are sooo many talented people out there. I love sharing their work .. to continue to inspire people! Have a beautiful day!!!

  3. Cassie Frake says:

    Another great find Ada!

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