Monday’s Make-It . . . { L.O.V.E artwork }

Happy Monday … I hope it’s filled with loads of smiles and I hope today’s post brings you a smile as well. When my assistant Nick spotted today’s DIY I knew we needed to share it with you this month … the month of Valentine’s Day. The design is definitely a cute and fun way to celebrate V-Day every day. My favorite letter is the ‘O’ - bec it is on a diagonal (gives even more visual interest against the other letters).  It was created by Char from Crap I’ve Made in Utah, she shows us the steps to make this beautiful canvas art, and it is definitely not crapola! She used a 16×20 canvas, chipboard letters, paint and hot glue to put this piece together.

Check out her process here: Crap I’ve Made. Thank you Char for sharing your creative inspiration with us!

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2 Responses to Monday’s Make-It . . . { L.O.V.E artwork }

  1. Reyna Ramli says:

    What a lovely site you have. Thanks for the inspiration, will have to agree that the horizontal 0 is nice.

    • Ada says:

      Thanks Reyna. Glad u find my sit lovely! Char did a great job with the LOVE design. Glad u enjoyed it as well.

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