Monday’s Make-it . . . { headboard created with tape }

Yep, the heading is correct - today’s post is a DIY headboard created from tape. Oh, but not just any tape .. electrical tape! Ooooh, and the cost was $1.00!!! Who’s the genius behind it? It’s Yolanda Pena from Miss Refashionista. The look was inspired by a headboard sold at West Elm (one of my fav stores). What an easy and crafty way to add some pizzazz to any bed lackign a headboard … and all while saving some $$. Did I mention it was ONLY $1.00. Here’s a peek at a few of her photos showing the before photo and the oh-so-cool-design afterwards:

Check out the step by step process of this project at Yolanda’s blog here! Thank you Yolanda for sharing your process and inspiring us all with your quick, smart, and economical design … Bravo! Bravo! I hope you have a beautiful day! I’m leaving the office soon to head over to a meeting with a client .. showing her some carpet tile samples and wall paint swatch colors for final approval before we start painting her living room. Then, a full day of quality control management on a painting project. First, gotta have my coffee ….  

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4 Responses to Monday’s Make-it . . . { headboard created with tape }

  1. Yolanda @ Miss Refashionista says:

    Hey Ada!!

    Thanks for featuring me, I’ve been slacking with my blog (and projects) lately, and what better way to get me going again that to know peoplke read and like my stuff! :)

    Thanks again!!

  2. This was clever by far… Recreating a woodframe headboard with less work and it’s less permanent. Brilliant!

    • Ada says:

      It does look like a wood frame … but how sweet that it is a simple tape - a standard electrical tape. Who knew they could be so stylish :) Haha!

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