Monday’s Make-it … { Spray tan for Piggy Decor }

I gifted this piggie-bank ages ago (before hubby and I were married, before I knew I would inherit back the piggie-bank! And, let’s not discuss why on earth I purchased this item in the 1st place. Rest assured, my gifting skills have improved!). Needless to say, the cute piggie-bank is soooo not our style. What to do? …. do we gift it (even with name monogrammed)? …. do we donate it? … how about if we TREAT IT to spray tan?  Tan it is!

I believe the piggie was happy to get the salon treatment! I gathered a large cardboard box, white spray paint, and towel. Towel???

I couldn’t find my apron to protect my dress, so I grabbed an old towel for protection (hey, a designer has to do what a designer has to do to finish a project!!! Oh, did you notice my hair? I dyed the tips …. ombre style!):

Turn left, turn right, ooooh what a lovely relaxing facial: 

Look at his cute little face having a great time at the spray tan salon:

Do you remember Ross’s spray tan incident episode in the TV series Friends? …. sooooo funny! Now, time for a back massage:

Then I let him soak in the sun (dry!!) before I brought him in the office for his new job = book holder!

Oooh, check out the printed calendar I recently purchased. I have NOT used a non-computer calendar in YEARS!!! Do you use one? I found it so pretty that I had to buy it. Now, I just have to remember to actually write in it. Ready to see the piggie-bank strutting it’s cuteness in my office?  

Here he is, happy from his spray tan spa day: 

“NOW” he completely fits in … no more leaving him in storage. We had 2 choices …. get rid of it or make it work for us (um, ‘me’)! Do you have items in your home that you have been wanting to revamp?

He looks so happy, doesn’t he: 

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design ) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment please scroll down!

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6 Responses to Monday’s Make-it … { Spray tan for Piggy Decor }

  1. homestilo says:

    That looks like a happy piggy indeed!

  2. Bianca says:

    Now the piggy got new purpose in life 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh – this is so adorable! I wish I had even a fraction of your design and decorating talent!

  4. Nina says:

    The pig looks like it is loving its new color. Btw. I like your new hair color!

  5. Tabitha says:

    It’s amazing how grown up it looks in plain white! Thanks for linking up at Making Space Mondays. I hope we see you there next week! -Tabitha

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