Monday’s Make-it … semi-create your own OWL calendar

Happy 1st Monday of 2011 woooohhhhhooooo! To kick off this wonderful year, how about some FREE beautiful calendars that you can semi-make yourself? Shivani, blog author of Own My Barn gathered 30 talented artists to create Owl Lover 2011 Calendar. The best part (emm, besides it being free .. and consisting of beautiful designs … and did I mention free??), is that out of the 30 designs you get to choose which owl design you want per month. I chose my designs, printed them and trimmed away, here’s a peek at some of the designs I choose:

I preferred a mini size, but you can get the calendar larger. If you create your own, send me a photo … would love to see it!!!

I hope you treat yourself to take a moment to read Shivana’s intro to why she came up with the calendar idea and get your very own calendar here! Lastly … a BIG THANK YOU to all the artists who contributed to Owl Lover 2011 Calendar and to Shivana’s brilliant idea of bringing them all together for us to enjoy! Happy New year everyone!!!!

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  1. Victoria says:

    those are adorable! They will make a great gift and a great addition to my cubicle at work and to my home “office” desk! I may have a new crafts project for this weekend! Thanks for the helpful tips!

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