Monday’s Make-it … {pretty drawer ‘bottoms???’}

Do you need an incentive to keep your drawers organized? What if they were sooooo pretty that you just couldn’t clutter them. That’s what Stefanie from Brooklyn Limestone did! Check out her transformation below. She had these overloaded drawers, so she removed all the stuff and ‘pretty-fied’ the bottoms ….

…. she found a stencil, paint, and thin boards to use as the base of the drawers ….. with her TOOLS ready she then painted the boards using the stencil design. The stencil is very similar to the one I used in my DIY project. She then inserted the painted boards back into her drawers ….

And, they are soooo pretty! How could we cover this lovelyness? Hmmm, does this mean we would leave our stuff outside??? Nooo! We simply get inspired to place the stuff back in more neatly (I would!!!).


So here is how it looks with her stuff back it! I LOVE IT!!!!! And I know “i” def could not clutter these drawers! Do you like?

Check out Stefanie’s blog, A Brooklyn Limestone, to read the steps she took for the transformation. Stefanie, thank you for sharing this unique ‘organizational tool’ = pretty it up so we are dont’ have the heart to clutter it. It would work for me!

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6 Responses to Monday’s Make-it … {pretty drawer ‘bottoms???’}

  1. Anastasia says:

    wow that looks amazing! and I bet you’ll smile each and every time you open your drawers – FAB DIY project!

  2. Ada says:

    I def would smile every single time 🙂

  3. Fabulous idea! I might just have to add this to my ever growing to-do list!

  4. Jane says:

    Perfect! Maybe this will convince me to de-clutter my hectic drawers! I can never see the bottom lolol

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