Monday’s Make-it . . . Lovely Ornament Doves!

Kate (a.k.a. Centsational Girl) created these awesome Dove ornaments, one for herself and one to give away this holiday season.  She copied an illustration from the internet onto some plywood and cut it out with her jigsaw.  After sanding the edges and making sure that it was not rough, she primed it gray and added vinyl letters of ’peace’. After giving it two coats of white paint, adding some fun trim - her Dove ornament was all set to brighten up her Christmas Tree!

To see Kate’s step by step directions for her Peace be with You ornament, click here!  Thank you Kate for sharing your talent with us!

(Photo Credits - Centsational Girl)

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4 Responses to Monday’s Make-it . . . Lovely Ornament Doves!

  1. Victoria says:

    Such a precious idea…and sends a great message. Thanks for the idea and for sharing!

  2. Ada says:

    Yes, what a beautiful message of peace, love, endurance, and of course CREATIVITY.

  3. Oh how lovely to be featured! I loved making these doves, and was delighted to give one away to a reader too. Thanks so much for the linky love and ‘Peace Be With You’ !!

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