Monday’s Make-it … {Hodge:Podge} Lamp makeover


Check out this GREAT diy from Barbara at Hodge:Podge. Here’s her story - she loved the shape of this lamp’s base but not the color (oh btw … it used to be a copper-like color before). Then after a fun (and ECONOMICAL) trip to the craft store Michaels Barbara bought some Metal Leaf Adhesive to transform her lamp’s base. Barbara added one silver leaf after another silver leaf smoothing it over with a clean paint brush…and voila .. check it out: 

Here’s a peek before the fun leafing: Here’s the fabulocity afterwords (hmm, is ‘fabulocity’ a word?):

Here it is with the lovely white shade. It looks amazing next to the black & white photos:

A brand new looking lamp … from cheap to sensationally chic! Check out the step by step process of this lamp at Barbara’s site here! Thank you Barbara for sharing your process showing everyone how easy and economical it is to transform an old lamp to a gorgeous one!

(Photo Credits: Barbara from Hodge:Podge) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. Too busy to visit my blog regularly? Then subscribe (for free) to receive new posts via email, simply follow the adorable birdie located at top right side of our website:

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3 Responses to Monday’s Make-it … {Hodge:Podge} Lamp makeover

  1. Why thanks for featuring my lamp makeover! Glad to find another great blog!

  2. What a transformation. The silver leaf really makes all difference and gives the lamp a whole new look! Thanks for sharing.

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