Monday’s Make-it … { decor made of twine | DIY by Ada }

Hi! Today I am going to show you how I created a sphere decor made out of twine. I didn’t spend any money ($0.00!!!) on these since I already had materials in my home. The main ingredient = twine!!! A spaquetti-like twine can go from this ….

to this …..

1st the ’6 ingredients’ for this tasty DIY. Note, ‘tasty’ used figuratively .. do not munch or lick these decorative objects .. yuck!. So, where was I?  The ingredients:

twine (I always have twine for my cardboard recycles … though if I continue to create these decorative pieces I will def have to go to Michaels or Home Depot to get more), balloons left over from St. Patrick Day Partaaay, glue, measuring cup, LOTS of paper towel (or perhaps that is just a special ingredient that only I needed …. I was a bit messy), bowl, small brushtape and oooh so wonderful water.

Here are the steps:

1. add equal amounts of water + glue mix
2. toss the twine in the mix
3. wrap the twine around the balloon (use tape to hold in place)
4. apply more glue (optional)
5. let it dry overnight
6. (the fun part) -> POP the balloon + display your work!

I mixed an equal amount of glue + water into the bowl. Then I ‘salad tossed’ the twine (hmmm, I am craving a salad now!), then I wrapped the twine around the balloon (balloon needs to be inflated 1st … kinda of a duh, but mentioning it for those readers that haven’t had their coffee caffeine fix yet).  

I wanted to pile more of my glue mix (I wanted to make suuuure the twine stayed in place) so after I taped the twine drenched with salad dressing (glue mix) onto the balloon, I brushed on more of the dressing .. and more and more and more, which = to a liquid mess.

Then AHA ..I dashed to the kitchen and grabbed baking paper (as if I bake hahahahaha!)

I placed the baking paper on top of the paper towels .. then dapped a bit more of the glue mix and allowed it to dry overnight (without poking them throughout the day).

Then ‘where’s my pin’????? Found it …. and POP!  Ok, it didn’t really make a popping sound, it was more like a yaaaawning swiiiiiiish:

Then the reveal (not too shabby):

Whatchathink? My hubby claims he can do it better, and maybe he can ‘after’ seeing how ‘I’ did it. Who’s he fooling right??!! One did come out a bit crooked. However, the beauty in it is that …. I created it. Next time, more twine … I admit .. I was a bit of a cheapo with the amount of twine I used .. I was testing the waters people! West Elm sells sphere decor made of wicker for about $49 for the larger sizes in case u love the look, but not the messiness and rather buy them. Have a beautiful day!!

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8 Responses to Monday’s Make-it … { decor made of twine | DIY by Ada }

  1. Julie Jamison says:

    Great DIY!!!

    • Ada says:

      Glad u think so Julie … it was a messy one with the glue + water, but I loved the outcome! It’s so beautiful to bring ideas to LIFE!

  2. Ann says:

    Cute and clever and good instructions. You could do this with colored twine, too. Or paint the balls when the glue has dried.

    • Ada says:

      Hi Ann .. glad u like the DIY and I agree.. colored twine would be lovely too!!! The twine was very delicate when complete so I woudl suggest coloring the twine BEFORE :) …hmmm, unless it is spray painted! Funny, nowadays we can practically spray paint ANYTHING!

  3. claire says:

    I’m your newest imperfect follower from the nester’s party-stop by for a visit!!

  4. Ashley says:

    Stopping over from the Nester… Love this idea! I think I might try this next weekend! :)

    • Ada says:

      Glad to read taht u love the idea … a little messy but the results are cool and of course super-economical!!!

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