Monday’s Make-it … create sweaters for vases

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Hubby and I went to see ‘A Sleepy Hallow Christmas Carol’ play at Westchester Broadway Theatre, the set up is very nice … they serve dinner 1st then we can sit back to relax and watch the play. For today’s post, check out the lovely sweaters you can make for your tall candle holders, vases, and bowls this holiday with Stephanie Lynn, from Under The Table and Dreaming , steps below: Here’s the after photos. Gorgeous looking and perfect fit:  

As a cable knit sweater fan, Stephanie Lynn decided that she wanted to convert some of her sweaters into cute vase holders!  She simply cuts the sleeves off of some her over-sized giant cable knit sweaters, sew up the edges and use a hot glue gun to secure it on the vase!  Find step by step directions and more details here.

Stephanie Lynn loves adding her own creative touches to her dream home. Check out her page Under the Table and Dreaming for some DIY and creative inspirations! Thank you Stephanie for sharing your talent with us!

(Photo Credits – Stephanie Lynn; Under the Table and Dreaming)

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2 Responses to Monday’s Make-it … create sweaters for vases

  1. Vicky says:

    Those are adorable! That makes such a cute, and personalized christmas gift! May have to test that out this year 🙂

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