Monday’s Make-it … { spider-pumpkin | Halloween }


Last weekend I created spider pumpkin (it was sooo much fun), and of course I had to run to get my camera to share photos with you! Below is a peek at the spider-pumpkin 1/2 way done with furry legs and mouth. Ready for the steps in making your own .. and see how I added eyes and eyelids?


‘Ingredients’ (most from Michael’s Craft Store) … pumpkin, black chenille pipe cleaners (for the fuzzy legs), felt (for the eyes, eyebrows, mouth), white foam balls (eyes), black marker, scissors, and FUN! Oh, and it helps to have someone (like a hubby) to carry the huge pumpkin to a table for prep work.

First, cut the pipecleaners to make the legs -> then press them into the pumpkin -> add a dab of glue around the ‘spider leg’ to seal the puncture so there isn’t any pumpkin sap (important so you don’t have squirrels, raccoons, or skunks coming over with fork and knife) …..


I sketched a mouth outline to use as a template (see how I gave it fangs?! Do ya like?), then cut the outline, and added craft glue.

For the eyeballs ideas … I give credit to my hubby since I was simply going to use white felt on top of the black felt. I put him to work … since it was a little bit hard cutting the foam balls in half (my hubby likes projects that he can destroy stuff … so it all worked out haha).

Then I used a black marker on the white ‘eyeballs’ to give it contrast.

Whatchathink? Do you like it??? Love it? Does it look like a scary spider? Or a cutie-pie?

I have more pics in my facebook album. Like the one below of me trying to steal the large pumpkin a few seconds after my hubby placed it on the hay - more photos here.


To check out more behind the scenes pictures, hop on over to our Facebook!

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  1. super cute! so many wonderful ideas on your blog :)

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