Monday’s Make-it … {yarn + wire = LOVE decor!}

Happy Monday! Happy .. right?! Did you know that with wire and colorful yarn you can create a lovely decorative addition to your home. Camilla Fabbri of Family Chic shows us how! Camilla’s Yarn Love DIY project is perfect if you want something simple, versatile and soooo easy to make.

Look how wonderful it looks! I just love the illusion that it’s unravelling into loose yarn…(or is it the opposite, being woven into the word, ‘love’.)

The best part of this project is how versatile it can be. Just mold the wires into any shape or size you’d like it to be, and wrap away! Larger designs can even be used as wall art! Check out Family Chic blogsite for more details and pics of this crafty DIY. Would you create a project like this? Thanks so much for inspiring us, Camilla! You rock!

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4 Responses to Monday’s Make-it … {yarn + wire = LOVE decor!}

  1. lorraine says:

    i love this!!

  2. Dee says:

    Too cute, simple and impactful if Xlarge and used with a group of words!

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