Monday’s Make-It … { vintage bike decal }

Haaaappy Monday! How was ur weekend? I spend yesterday creating 2 spider pumpkins …they came out pretty cute (photos to be revealed next week 10/10). In the meantime, today’s post reveals a vintage BIKE decal that I installed at a client’s apartment (on her foyer’s closet doors). Here it is:


She rents so we didn’t want anything permanent (no painting!!!), but we did want to give a unique style to the dull looking closet.  Another unique twist was splitting the decal in two to flow from one door to the other. First, I narrowed down the placement:

Then I split/cut the decal:

Then placed it again attaching it from the TOP:

The decal didn’t come with the placement-tool, sooooo my Starbucks card to the rescuuuuuuuuuuue:

Then I pulled the transfer paper down (NEVER towards you .. a big no no):

Here is a closer look:

I also video taped this installation - hence the photo below of me looking like I am taking to the decal:

Do you have decals at home? Or plan to buy/install ones yourself? Ooh, ppppssssssssst ………… we have a Halloween Giveaway announcement tomorrow (a halloween DECAL). Stay tuned, and I hope you participate to win the cute Halloween decal … with bats and cute spiders (yeah, some spiders can be cute!!).

Check out my video tutorial on how to add this fun & vintage decal to your closet doors!

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4 Responses to Monday’s Make-It … { vintage bike decal }

  1. Anonymous says:

    The bicycle came out really nice. I would’ve been scared to cut the decal. More power to you.

    • Ada says:

      Glad u liked the bicycle decal idea (yeaaah) I marked with a marker where I was going to cut/trim the decal 1st before cutting it …. so it makes cutting it ‘less scary’ : )

  2. Hi! Found you through the Blogging e-class and had to stop and comment how much I love this idea! I would never have thought to split up a decal or place it on a closet door.

    • Ada says:

      Hi Lindsey … glad to read that u love the idea yaaaaay! and a fellow e-class (u r goign to LOVE it .. I took it last year and LOVED it). Looking fwd to staying connected and learnign more about ur website/blog.

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