Monday’s Make-it … { my Recycled Gift Wraps + Tags }

Hi!! How was ur weekend? On Sunday, hubby and I jetted to buy a new Christmas tree .. our living room one DRIED OUT - yikes!! We tried to water it but the trunk was too bit to fit the base with enough room to take in water. So, we got a TALLER and WIDER tree … with a thinner trunk and it’s slurping away all the yummy water we feed it. Did you see the gift tags I made from photos? I am still in the gift-idea-mode so today I’ll show you how I created gift tags and wrapping paper from grocery bags. Here I go, snip snip ….

The grocery bags are from when I went shopping at Trader Joe’s … every year that come out with their festive designs on their brown bags which we get for free when we go shopping there. Don’tcha love FREE things!!!

I use the bags for wrapping gifts and for creating gift tags (a matching set!! .. oooh yeah for FREE):

Below are more photos. Do you like? Do you have a Trader Joe’s near you?

You can STILL create a lovely holiday-look from a solid color paper bag by adding ornamnets, a holiday-icon decor like a small Christmas stocking, or a card what you can personalize:

Are you planning on creating your own gift tags this year or using store bought ones? I plan on using both. In this Thursday’s blog post, I reveal MORE gift tags ideas ….  from left over Christmas cards and more recycled tags (psst … from Starbucks brown bag and cup holders) - here’s a preview peek of a tag created from Starbucks’s coffee cup HOLDER (yep, theholder that keep us from burning our hands when sipping their deliciousness) and stay tuned this Thursday for more:

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9 Responses to Monday’s Make-it … { my Recycled Gift Wraps + Tags }

  1. homestilo says:

    Funny enough, the other day I was cleaning up and realized that the TJ bags actually had gift tags printed on them!(I guess they realized people like using them as tags). I saved about 3 of them to use them next year!

    • Ada says:

      That is funny!!! The bags I had for TJ didn’t have any tag outline so I created my own, but it def shows that MANY people love the idea of turning them into gift tags. And ooooooh Starbucks brown bags have great holiday designs too!!! I may revised this post and add the starbucks design as well :)

  2. wow, how wonderful that tjs is providing an easily reusable bag! won’t get there before christmas, but thanks for the idea. i do use brown bags sometimes, or plane white paper, and just decorate it. happy preparations!

  3. Lisa says:

    I love that idea. Too bad I’ve already wrapped my gifts. I was looking at my Starbuck’s bag this morning in a new way. They have a cute nutcracker on the bag that would look great as a gift tag. Oh well, there’s always next year.

    • Ada says:

      Hi Lisa .. funny … I grabbed a starbucks bag the other day to create tags from it … I want to add them to this post. It’s been soo busy here so I haven’t had a chance to create any yet, but I will . … to give people a visual inspiration. They r still good for gifting during the winter, like I have seen some bags with snow design (winter!!!!) that can be used in Jan and Feb gifts.

  4. Janet says:

    The labels look like you went out and bought them. They are very pretty. The Snowflake gives the tag a nice touch.

  5. Nina says:

    I did notice the holiday decor on my Trader Joe bags but didn’t really look at them…Love the snowflake tag you made! Yay for recycling!

    • Ada says:

      Hi Nina … yes, yaaaaaaah for recycling!!! Eyeball the Starbucks holiday bags next time you head to Starbucks :)

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