Monday’s Make-it … { Heart Garland with wall paint swatches }

Happy Monday! Did you watch the super-ball yesterday? I watched the last hour of it and must admit (coming from a non sports fan). Valentine’s day is only 8 days away (are you ready?) Today’s DIY is a super cute + economical project that can dress up your home + get you in the Valentine’s day spirit! Brooke created her blog, Grace and Light, to inspire others to find their creative streak and live a beautiful + happy life. Below, is her crafty tutorial for turning paint chips into colorful garland:

She used these materials:

Just cut out the hearts (or any shape for year round fun!) For the budget-friendly reader, you could re-use the rest of the paint chip sheet as a bookmark!

Another look at the finished product hanging on a wall!

Super cute + economical, right? Will you give this a try? .. eyeing colorful paper yet?

Hop on over to Brooke’s site, Grace and Light, for more photos and a visual tutorial on how to make your very own heart garland! Thanks Brooke for your crafty inspirations!  I hope you had a GREAT weekend and are geared up for a wonderful week! Oooh, if you did watch the superball and of course commercials debuts, what was your fave commercial? My fave was the dog that paid for silence with Doritos. What did you think of Madonna’s performance? … I liked the Vogue!! and it’s always fun to see LMFAO). Have a beautiful week!

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12 Responses to Monday’s Make-it … { Heart Garland with wall paint swatches }

  1. Very cute project. I haven’t been into the bunting, but I like the hearts for V-Day. Thank you Ada for your support and kind words.

  2. Nina says:

    Just watched the last 10 minutes of the superbowl…

    Cute idea! I have hundreds of paints chips lying around. Maybe I’ll give it a try…

  3. Theresa says:

    Really cute diy idea. I’ve been seeing the use of paint chips around the web for different craft projects and this is another great one. Yes, super easy and economical. I wonder if the hardware stores are starting to get onto us bloggers/crafters?

  4. cordyceps says:

    Lovely work! I’m definitely going to visit the blog frequently.

  5. samantha says:

    That’s such a cute idea, I’m a sucker for collecting paint swatches, this would be a great way to use them up.

    • Ada says:

      Perfect (cute) way to use old or leftover swatches. We may not had painted the color of the swatch, but we could still use the swatches ….yaaaaaay

  6. amanda says:

    i loves this, they are super cute, where is the heart cutter from. i want to make sure i have the right size for the paint cards. lol

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