Monday’s Make-it … { my DIY-ish French Doors }

I hope u had a GREAT weekend! Did you see the photo of the Easter bunny that visited us? .. So cute! Onward to today’s post, when hubby and I were looking for our new home, a home office space was a must. I loved the ‘office’ room as soon as we spotted it …. BUT I didn’t like the semi-long hall which had 4 standard white doors, one leading to the ‘to-be-office’. So my solution was to open up the space …. with French doors! But the cost to get 2 doors (for the swivel dramatic entrance … which I looove) was about $600 .. queue in the crying! Hmmm, what’s does an ‘economical solutions’ gal do? She moves to Plan B (and recruits her hubby):

Plan B: instead of getting a custom French doors, we purchased a bi-fold already made one, then simply unhinged it .. the price was about $317 (amazing difference huh!!! … we still smile at the savings!!). The doors were delivered, now it was time for work (which usually means more work for hubby, then for me). Here he is below drilling new holes on the door frame:

One day we will invest in a cordless drill (getting/attaching extension cords is always a pain) hence the not so happy face on hubby below: 

Next we (ummm, he) moved on to remove the hinges of the previous standard door. Which were a PAIN to do .. they did NOT want to go anywhere, so we just left it (haha), we (yeeeesss, I helped in this one!) just patched it up and re-painted it. We had more important things to conquer. 

Then we (um, heeeee) sanded sanded sanded the top to try to make it fit perfectly, but even with cursing - it still would not close sooo….

Time for the saws-all-machine - snip snip .. or more like snip %#@& snip %#@&:


Now it was MY TURN to work. I cleaned the panels from all the saw/dust …. 

Painted every nook and cranny (see my goofy face below) … I think I might had been a little high from the paint (haha): 

It was a total WORK-OUT to paint, then after drying I pulled the protective sheet off to show the beautiful clear glass panels!

We (um, oh yeah … reality check)  hubby also added hardware to the door frame to hold the doors when closed …. 

This (ball-catcher)) part attaches (catches) to the above: 

And here is how my home office doors looks (plus a peek at my foyer). 

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11 Responses to Monday’s Make-it … { my DIY-ish French Doors }

  1. homestilo says:

    Great job on this Ada. My favorite part is the ball catcher- what a great and practical detail.

    • Ada says:

      Glad u like the project .. i think the door catcher was my hubby’s favorite part … the ONLY easy part of the project :)

  2. Nina says:

    Ada, this looks great! Well done!

  3. Great job! We did some similar doors for our boys closet. Hard work to save some $$$$. Love to see fellow penny pinchers.

  4. Roeshel says:

    Beautiful! I read every word! lol! Looks like a ton of work but so worth it! We installed interior French doors and used the ball catcher thing too! ;) I also left the plastic on for a couple of years until I just recently painted one side. lol I knew it’d be easier that way and it’s finally time for the family room reno. Anyway! Great job!

    • Ada says:

      Thanks Roeshel … yep hard work buuuut sooo worth it. So nice to hear that u ventured into using French doors too. Have FUN in your reno!

  5. Pat says:

    Ada, the doors are beautiful. I put one on my bathroom in the master bedroom. I love it. Hope to see you soon. My son bought a bar in Division St. Come and have a drink. I will send you the info soon.

  6. Great job, Ada! I love your resourcefulness! They look great! I hope you show us some of your other home projects as you go along! Nothing like settling into a new space and making it your own!

    P.S. your hubby is very cute….you make an adorable couple! ;-D

    xoxo Kathleen

    • Ada says:

      Hi Kathleen …. ooh my hubby is going to LOVE your comment!!! Yes, I plan on sharing more of my home projects … I have sooo many pics … now I just need to squeeze some time to prep/upload them.

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