Monday’s Make-it … { Chalkboard Paint in my Kitchen! }

Yep, that’s me on a ladder …. (not sure why on earth I was wearing dangling earrings that day!) …. painting away one of my kitchen walls … black! Ok, ok I’m not just painting it a simple ‘black’, but using CHALKBOARD (aka: FUN) paint! Why? Bec. hubby and I love leaving each other messages! A great design is one that fits ‘our’ (homeowner’s) lifestyle and this is def us!

(Oooh, hubby and I just celebrated our 3 year … woohooo … wedding anniversary this weekend!) Ok, back to today’s post. I wasn’t fond of chalk when in school (homework eeewww), but now i LOVE it (if only my teachers knew!): 

This wall is where we keep some of our fave spices out in the open (our pantry is to the right of it where we keep the ‘not so often used spices). 

Check out this old post I have that reveals a message my hubby left me on the chalkboard wall that had me in happy tears, plus it shows more pics of the wall!  With our lifestyle, I designed our kitchen items to be very accessible … for us, our fam/guests staying over, and even for my assistants - where items often used are visible = increases (accessibility) comfort level.

Even our spoons, forks, and ice-cream scooper (of course THAT has to be easily accessible!!) is visible for easy attainability. 

Working from a home office has looooots of perks including having a homey-kitchen with a huge fridge to add lunch for the day/week. I considered my assistants when designing my kitchen, wanting them to feel comfortable reaching for any spoon, fork, dish, bowl .. usage of the microwave or even the oven! Yep, that’s how we roll over here!

Did you see my post where I show how/where I hung my teacups? And in that post I mention how I swear I have non-white dinnerware as well … here’s the reveal below …. some of my fave bowls in my kitchen. What color(s) is your kitchen wall? Have a beautiful day!

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) (Linked up: Today’s Creative Blog, DIY Show off, Skip to My Lou) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment please scroll down!

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9 Responses to Monday’s Make-it … { Chalkboard Paint in my Kitchen! }

  1. Super fun! I love chalkboard paint! Great place to put it!

  2. hena tayeb says:

    Your kitchen looks so cute.. love the idea of leaving on another little messages

  3. homestilo says:

    Your kitchen looks like so much fun Ada. I really like the colors you have chosen (and love those yellow & gray bowls!)

  4. noreen says:

    hi ada - i love your chalkboard painted wall. we have a white board that i write on almost every day. same purpose. happy monday!

  5. your chalkboard painted wall is wonderful! I’m re decgorating our dining room. hug

  6. Thanks for adding that link to your b-day post. That’s so cute!!!!! I’m not a morning person either and my husband often makes me coffee even though he doesn’t really drink it. We found ourselves good men. Congrats on your three year. We’re celebrating 6 this year.

  7. Nina says:

    Love chalkboard paint but have yet to use it in our house. But I’m sure I’ll find a spot where I could use it for ;)

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