Monday’s Make-it … { is it a real? cool container }

My weekend was filled with getting rid of a cold (so lots of rest + huge bowls of ice-cream <- my medicine!). Now this week I plan on getting rid of old files, and taking inventory of what we have in our home that we can donate, or recycle.  At the office today, I have several orders to place for my clients, but before I jump into that …. does the pic below look like real birch tree trunk?

Well, surprise … it’s not, but don’tcha love that it does look real!! Stephanie, creator of Love&Lace, which started as an outlet for planning her wedding, evolved into a creative space to share her crafts, and all that she loves. Here, she shares her recycled birch containers which look just like the real thing!Here she shows the material she used:

Stephanie shares some great ideas on how you can use these containers!

Don’t ya think these look like the real thing? I love all the colors she uses in the ‘festive centerpiece’! Pop on over to Stephanie’s blogsite, Love&Lace, to see how to make your own recycled ‘birch’ container! Thanks Stephanie for your creative inspiration!

Oh, juuuuusst in case u prefer to buy instead of making your own birch wood containers, we spotted these ‘woodstock containers’ that you can buy from Animi Causa.

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9 Responses to Monday’s Make-it … { is it a real? cool container }

  1. Theresa says:

    Ok, that is a really great diy idea! Thanks for sharing, Ada.

  2. Wow! They look so real! I have seriously got to get my act together and get crafting!

  3. homestilo says:

    These make me want to go out and stock up on cans!

  4. what a fun project!

  5. Janet says:

    That is a cool DIY.

  6. Hi Ada!
    What a great and fun DIY project:)
    It looks so real…Love it!
    Wish you a great 2012 with lots of great projects and posts:))

  7. Thanks for featuring my project :) Have a great week.

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