Monday’s Make-it … { monogrammed PAPER stencil }

Hi! Today’s make-it is a project I designed a few years ago for a dressing area adjacent to a small bathroom. I made a stencil simply out of copy paper. Normally I would suggest a thicker material, but on a small budget I aimed to design without buying much material. Paper … I had in the office, stencil brush …. had already, and the paint … was left over from painting an adjacent wall.  The beauty of creating your own stencil is that it is ONE OF A KIND. It is not a design that you (or anyone else) can buy at a store:

The adjacent wall was painted in the chocolate brown, so I used its left over paint color (saved mooolaaah) to highlight the wall.  I created the design using Microsoft Word, then increased the size, printed it in black color, and attached the pages with tape. Then I trimmed the inside which was the part I painted.

Can you guess the design? It is the letter ‘A’ mirrored. Can you see the letters? a total of 4 letters per design.

I don’t believe the 1 stencil would had held up if I painted tons of the design bec. the paint wetting the ‘stencil paper’ weakened the stencil in every use, but for the layout I designed it was PERFECT. I was able to use 1 stencil to fill up the wall. So, if you want to jazz up a wall with hardly any $$$, then maybe you can try creating your own unique stencil. Oh, by the way we did a videoshoot on the stencil design, so if you want to take a closer look at the design then head on over here to my video channel. Have a fantastic week!!!!

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