Monday’s Make-it …{DIY cooool stripe tablecloth}

Yellow Brick Home is the creation of designer savvy Chicago couple Kim and Scott. Their 675 square feet home is located in the 2nd story of a corner building, where they live with their pets, and while it may seemed cramped to many people, they love every single inch of it (yeaaaay!)! One of their many projects is their DIY tablecloth: a project that came to fruition when they were not satisfied with any commercial designs for a tablecloth! After carefully lining up the tablecloth with painters tape, the couple painted away with a spouncer brush and fabric paint.

A drop cloth, painters tape, fabric paint and creative mind completes this DIY:

They didn’t even have to wait for the paint to dry before peeling off the time…

Then after it dries…

Voila! Their very own tableclothm which I LOVE!!!!! If only I could squeeze more time in a day to do DIYs .. until I do, I will drool over others. Why spend money on boringzzzz tablecloths when you can make your own, just like Kim & Scott did, for so much less! Head over to the savvy couple’s web/blog page to see their details on how to make this tablecloth! Thank you Kim & Scott for sharing your wonderful and economical ideas with us!

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  1. Well hello there! Your tablecloth is just lovely – I’ve got it linked to my tablecloths post too today, for inspiration!

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