Monday’s Make-it … { Decorating with leaves $0.00 }

Happy Monday!!! I woke up this am so energized to start the week (hmm, could be bec of the candy cane I had for breakfast). Today’s post shows you how you can economically decorate your dining table or mantle at $0.00 cost by using leaves giving to us by mother nature.  Below are several leaves (see the beautiful variety in color) that I picked from my morning walk:


I flattened + dried the leaves by placing a plate on top of them :

Then I ‘upcycled’ jars that I already had at home by using them as vases:


Here’s a peek at my fireplace mantle, and how these $0.00 cost decor looks on it:

I find it lovely and elegant (simplicity is usually elegant in my book).

So, what did you do this weekend? I went to the Opera to see La Boheme. I admit, at 1st it was a bit slooowzzz for me and I wasn’t sold on the concept that they fell in love saying I looove yous to each other the FIRST day that they meet. Buuut, at the end of the last scene I had tissue in hand wiping my tears away  …. the music was so powerful together with the voices of their wonderful actors. Have you been to the Opera?

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4 Responses to Monday’s Make-it … { Decorating with leaves $0.00 }

  1. your photos are beautiful, and the idea is the right price. i’ve not been to opera for years, but would love to go. good for you for getting cultured!

  2. Nina says:

    I love the leaves in the vases! The falling leaves and their colors are one of my favorites of fall…

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