modern den design {with faux puppy!}

The above photo is a peek into my clients’ living room (which I will be featuring this Friday - stay tuned = same bat station! <- yep, I watched a Batman movie recently) and a glimpse of the dining room (which I already showed last week). Do ya want to see how the room looked before (and my design notes)? Here it is …

The TV + media console was relocated to the den. The room is pretty long + most importantly (since I decorate for my clients not the room) the clients wanted a designated relax area vs TV watching area so the space was divided into 2 cool spaces -> living room and den extraordinaire. More on the living room design in 2 days (if I am able to walk + write … I took a cross training gym class and I already feel like I am in a full body cast = stiff = all my muscles ache oouucie!). Here are my notes on the ‘BEFORE” photo for the den design . . .

Ready to see the AFTER photo? Check out how gorgeous the design installation turned out (it shows a peek of my foyer design too) ….

Oooooh, let me give you another BEFORE PHOTO peek - the walls had hieroglyphics (well, sort of!) Check it out:

Can u see the LIZARD? … the man with a baseball cap? (my interpretation, haha), and … the football player running (haha). The clients were happy to get rid of them (though hysterically funny). I kinda wished they would had kept it = sure makes a fun game!

Here’s the furniture placement layout that I created (which I present to my clients for their approval). The arrow shows the elevation drawing for the photo frames (I suggested a mix of large and medium size dark wood frames to balance the dark wood elements already in the room).

Ready for more photos?

I proposed 2 different small sofa/settees .. one with arms and one without and my clients went totally for the comfort of the one without the arms (which was awesome since it makes the space feel even bigger / airier). The ottomans had to do triple-duty … be practical (to place tray/feet up) + be functional (extra storage is always AWESOME) + look gorgeous (serene color w/tufted button style = GORGEOUS).

The day of the photoshoot I brought over some accessories, including the leather tray which the clients loved + kept (yeaaah!).

Check out how much STORAGE these ottomans hold?

See this camera angle below? Yep, I got up ON A LADDER to take the photo. I love seeing rooms in different angles. I spotted the bulldog a few days before the photoshoot and knew my clients would love it …. BUT I didn’t knew which color they would lover better - they came in white AND orange. So, I purchased both of them and let the clients decide which one they preferred. They choose BOTH! I love it when client fall in love with items that I get for them. Doesn’t the cutie-pie make a GREAT watchdog?

Did you spot the other bulldog that they adopted? The pillow one! Isn’t he adorable?

When I proposed the pillow (which was not in the original design, I spotted the cutie afterwards) it was via email with a sentence that went something like this …. “want to adopt a puppy for you room?” and under the sentence I had a photo of the puppy pillow. Clients immediate ’adopted’ the cute faux puppy and by my next visit they had even already given the puppy pillow a name (how adorable of them!!!!). What do you think of the design? I hope you visit again this Friday to see the other side of the room - the living room. Have a beautiful day!

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12 Responses to modern den design {with faux puppy!}

  1. rooth says:

    My goodness that looks wonderful and like a very comfortable place to hang out and watch tv

  2. antonio says:

    I love how you made two seperate spaces with the livingroom that flows perfectly into each other.

    • Ada says:

      it does, doesn’t it! and we made the ‘TV area’ more sereeeeeene and the ‘relax / socializing area’ more active with pops of color = perfect harmony :)

  3. Emily C. says:

    I love the space! I really love those ottomans and that red/purple-y stool/end table. Great design, Ada!!

    • Ada says:

      Emily, I’m glad you love the design. so nice to see a comment from you I think of u often. hope all is well you rockstar you.

  4. noreen says:

    nice work, ada! i love the puppy pillow and the little statues. also, the photo over the couch in the first picture is really compelling!

    • Ada says:

      thanks noreen. The canvas photo makes the space feel larger too bec of its illusion of depth. Details to always keep in mind when designing on a budget.

  5. Nina says:

    The place looks so light, bright and airy after you worked your magic. Well done Ada! That puppy pillow is super cuuute!

    • Ada says:

      Hi Nina, i always get super excited during installations + photoshoots remembering how it “used to be” and that I contributed to helping another family feel that their home represent them - it is a magical experience! ;)

  6. julie says:

    Awesome design Ada!

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