How to Make a 2 foot Snow-Cupcake

This past weekend it snowed (again!) in our neck of the woods. As much as I do love the snow, I am ready for spring season temperature to arrive … but in the meantime might as well have some FUN with the snow! Cupcakes anyone? Hubby created a 2 foot+ snow-cupcake. So, simple to bake (err, make) …. pile snow into round form, then ….

(1) With your fingers (gloves help so your fingers don’t fall off from the cold), make the grooves of the “paper”:

(2) then make a swirl form for the “frosting on top”:

And (3) add a “cherry on top” right (aka: red ornament)?

Voila! Time to munch on it ….(brain freeeeeze)

Yikes, now I am cRaViNg a real cupcake! If you haven’t seen the snow-penguins we made, you can check them out here? Have wonderful week! Today I will be having some drinks and hor derves at Resource Furniture showroom as they host today’s event to show functional and space saving furniture to sit, pull, lay down, lift, and play (yep, I’m bringing my camera!). Have a beautiful day whether you have snow, rain, clouds, sunshine … let the sun shine in your heart!).

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6 Responses to How to Make a 2 foot Snow-Cupcake

  1. This is awesome! We only got a light dusting of snow on Monday and the last time is snowed heavily I was in bed sick with a cold so I didn’t get to make my usual snowman. I am not wishing for snow but this has me sad that I never got to play in it this year!

  2. homestilo says:

    Aww so sweet (no pun intended)! I’m loving the panda hat too.

  3. noreen says:

    hey ada - it was snowing again today here! i’m signed up to run a 9 mile race, and hoping it will warm up just a little by sunday. your cupcake is adorable! joy to you, n

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