Monday’s Make-it {diy remote caddy for bedframe}

See where we have our remote control? Yep on the side of the bed. Literally ON THE SIDE, not on the nightstand. I’ll make today’s post quick (um, hopefully). COMFORTS to me include warmth (cozy bed) and accessibility to things. Not having to hear or say … “where on earth is that REMOTE again”? .. as if the remote has legs, right?! Hub and I have a basket where we place all our junk electrical stuff so we know exactly where to get something when its needed.

It includes extra parts of electronics - like our home phone that came with a wall mount and a desk caddy, we use the desk caddy and dumped the wall mount into the basket … until today (well, not actually today since this DIY was done earlier, I digress + am already not making this blog any shorter aren’t I?).  We decided to have ONE less thing in the basket and re-use our phone’s wall mount caddy -> mounting it onto our bedframe (for quick accessibility). 

What we used: (1) caddy, (2) drill, (3) screws / screwdriver, (4) no fear of ruining the bedframe, (5) no more running around looking for the remote. 

It now has a home!!

Here’s how it looks … (doesn’t it look cozy in it’s new home)

Do you have a tablet? I got one for xmas and have been playing around with it using PicsArt, still attempting to get used to the pen for drawing … taking baby steps here … starting with simple outlines … (work of art below huh? haha):

Ok, enough of my scribbled art, here’s a bigger peek into my bedroom, where I installed the lionhead doorknocker (whom we named Leo) onto the door.

It definitely feels like winter today in NY (22 degrees brrrrr). I’m heading to the gym soon - I hope I don’t turn into an icicle before I get there. (Oooh, lookie here …. I found more pics to procrastinate my gym visit). In my home office I have a bag where I keep all my cables (all office stuff) so I know exactly where to go when I need to charge/transfer/etc something.

I have EACH cable LABELED (so here is no guessing when I dive into the bag). 

Then when I am done, I simply close the bag (looking all pretty isn’t it):

Remember, we don’t always have to have bins, baskets, or containers to hold our cables / electronic stuff, even a pretty bag can easily (+stylishly) store stuff. Psst, if you look closely at the doorknob above you can see me taking the photo. I’ll leave you with this Where’s Waldo  (remember him?) and start heading out to the gym (wishing it was closed for Martin Luther King Jr day so I have no excuses to go). I called up and yep … they r open … oh goodie. btw, this is one of my favorite quotes from Martin Luther King Jr -> “Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase”. So true.

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2 Responses to Monday’s Make-it {diy remote caddy for bedframe}

  1. homestilo says:

    Oh I really like the bag idea for cables, pretty solution.
    As for the remote caddy, my current battle is even getting The Mr to agree that we should have a tv in the bedroom!

    • Ada says:

      funny, I am the 1 who didn’t want a TV in our bedroom. we usually watch just 1 show (Frasier/ reruns) and then pass out zzzzzz. we stay away from watching NEW shows in the bedroom because then we won’t go to sleep.

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