Monday’s Make-it … { reindeer as artwork }



Ready to see how I added the $0.00 cost reindeer art to my photo wall gallery?

Photos are magical bec they help us remember a time in the past, but to have the saaaaame ones every single year (whether they are a grouping on a wall, in bookcases, on a piano, or side tables) they tend to become stagnant … aka: boringzzzz snoozer!! So to keep a photo grouping FRESH and exciting I suggest changing a few (1 or 2) photos seasonally and even for the holidays.  For my wall gallery of photos, I love introducing a NON photo to pop out among the rest, and that is my go-to frame to change up seasonally. So, this Christmas season, I decided to add a red reindeer to our photo wall gallery. It was eaaaaasy breeeezy to do:

1. I did a quick google search for ‘reindeer free template” and spotted this cutie-pie reindeer that was already red! Originally I was going to trace the reindeer in red poster board, but since I spotted it in red it make this project even easier!!!

2. then I printed it using my regular 8.5 x 11 paper to fit my photo frame. It was a little short at the bottom, but hey totally worth it since this project cost $0.00 dollars

3. then I trimmed the sides so it fit snugged into the photo frame

4. did I mention already that I spent NO MONEY in the project? So, step # 4 is jumping for joy bec of the savings … Wooohoooooooo!

Here is how it looks, and how my photos wall gallery became Christmassy …. (oh, I also added red bows to some frames) …

Below u can see what I mean about the paper being a bit short? .. the reindeer art is about a 1/4 short, but to me it’s not about perfection but how my heart smiles when I see it (i love the pretty festive red color). Oh, and this took me about 20 minutes to do including the clip-art search (probably less if I didn’t have interruptions like taking 101 photos for each step haha). So, whatchathink of it? Oooh, did you see me hugging the horse in the water in one of my photos? . . . . .

Have you done any crafty projects this holiday season? I aim to make my own tags each year, but I coooonfess …  this year I am using some ultra cute tags I spotted at the Christmas Tree Shop (less time creating tags = more time to wrap gifts = NON LAST MINUTE FRENZY TO GIFT WRAP. Though I did DIY a book-mark! .. well, sort of! I created it for my mom this year (yep, even as an adult I still love creating crafty projects for her). I took a basic gift card template that pulls out (below the steam from the hot chocolate is the pully thingy) …


And glued a photo of me and hubby. So, she will have a book-mark and ‘cover’ to store it back in!!!

Psst, do you like the snowman hubby and I created last year (pic below)?

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment scroll down.

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8 Responses to Monday’s Make-it … { reindeer as artwork }

  1. Lisa says:

    I love your xmas card. So creative. This year my son and I “painted” ornaments for friends and co-workers. We had fun doing it and they look really cool. BTW-did you get those white 3d frames from Ikea?

  2. antonio says:

    Great idea with the book mark and cover. Love the snowman ; )

  3. Nina says:

    Ha, ha love the Christmas card. Before reading your post I thought the photo is to represent a tea bag but it’s hot chocolate in the mug. I think I am just too big of a tea fan to have gotten it in the first place ;) It’s cute either way! Happy holidays Ada!

  4. homestilo says:

    What a great and thoughtful card!

  5. We cannot compete with your creativeness! Have a look at our Deer Collection :)

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