Monday’s Make-it {magnetizing ur hammer w/luv}

Did you guess which was my hammer? (btw: I also have a pink swiss army craft knife set .. including screwdriver). I was going to start posting today some of the diys steps we implemented in our bathroom since we moved but I just haven’t had the time to gather/prep the photos to show you (maybe next Monday). In the meantime, check out this easy PRODUCTIVE (woot woot) diy I crafted for all those … “darn %#^@ the nail fell again!” .. times. Have you had times like that?

Ready to magnetize your hammer with love? I already had magnetic strips w/adhesive on the back so this project cost me $0.00! I cut the magnetic strip …

… into a heart shape. Then attached it to the base = easy breezy.

This is how the magnetic rolls look like (I got mine from Staples = my usual hang-out spot when buying office supplies):


Check out how easily they hold these large nails …

Hubby mentioned that we could simply paint the base with magnetic paint. Which I replied .. absolutely and the paint will cost more than the hammer. Tsst tsst, wanting to out-do his wife’s idea (yeah, we are playfully semi-competitive – he does come up w/great ideas too,  but this one was mine bucko <– I watched Happy Days the other day so I am using harsh words like bucko lately! ) Simply attach the magnet to the base of the hammer for some magnetic love:

I should keep my hammer on my desk since I tend to drop paper clips often.

So, what do you think. Do you like this magnetic love?

For hubby’s hammer, I brought out the big guns … the glue kind!

Since hub slightly hinted that he will never need to use the ‘new revamped tool’, I am DYING for him to have to use the hammer and since 70% of the time some screw/nail falls down, I am ready to run into the room and yell … AHA, I told you it was a GREAT idea!!!! Oh, how I count the days!!  Though, the bottom line is that I am so grateful for all the wonderful DIY projects that he has done in our home (like installing the French doors, painting, light fixtures, etc, much more etc.), that the idea of adding the heart magnet was to make his life easier while reminding him that I love him.  

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  1. antonio says:

    Love the heart shaped magnet! : )

  2. oh my gosh, that is such a brilliant (and cute) idea!

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