DIY coffee filter pendant (its so FLUFFY!!!)


It’s done! My venture into using coffee filters to glam up a round paper lamp shade is finally completed and it looks GORGEOUS! Even hubby agrees that the coffee filter pendant lamp looks much more sophisticated than it sounds. Ready to see the simple process? Check out the (3) items I used to make this gorgeous coffee filter pendant lamp and the (3) simple steps to it’s creation . . . .


  1. 20″ paper shade with light cord (about $5.99)
  2. coffee filters (about $7 for a pack of 700)
  3. glue gun (about $15 with glue sticks)

Actually, there is a 4th ‘item’ needed, the ‘item’ is called internal patience! Bec, as gorgeous as this coffee filter pendant lamp is it is TIME CONSUMING to make.  So, y’all will need a lot of patience to make it.


  1. fold coffee filter in half
  2. pinch bottom of filter
  3. glue bottom tip of filter
  4. press glued tip onto the entire shade one by one until shade is completed covered with the pretty ruffles of the coffee filter!


I hot glued each filter one by one onto the 20″ paper shade. Here are some photos I took along the way.

Thus far looking like a tutu on a shade (haha) . . .

By the way, this hot glue turned out to be my nemesis, not only did I end up scorching my hands like a million times. Ok, only a few times, BUT it hurt sooo much … ouuuchhiiiie. I even had a few outer body experiences visualizing me STOMPING on the paper shade.

Then as I cursed the hot-glue machine (behind it’s back of course, too afraid to confront it) , hubby turned to me and said “hey, it looks like a heart” … a whaaat? …..

Wow, it does look like a heart! Awww, how sweet it looks. I then totally forgot about the pain it had caused me, and saw the creative beauty (??) that surfaced. Ok, I was then supercharged to finish the project. I decided to start an assembly fine = fold first a bunch at a time then hot glue. I folded the filters and folded and folded and … you guessed it .. folded. I had filters EVERYWHERE.

My mom came to my rescue (yes, I complained to my mommy too!), she has a smaller hot-glue gun that didn’t gush hot glue as my massive one did. I also learned that my glue gun reaches 375 degree Fahrenheit (no wonder!!!!!). Bye bye meanie hot-glue. Helloooo new BFF . . . . . easy breezy gluing . . . .

Here’s a closer look .. it’s so FLUUUFFY

I haven’t decided where to hang it, maybe in our dining room. What do you think? Here’s the beautiful glow when the light is switched on … isn’t it pretty? . . .

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12 Responses to DIY coffee filter pendant (its so FLUFFY!!!)

  1. homestilo says:

    This has got to be one of my favorite lighting diy projects. I love the end result (worth the ouchies if you as me) and I think it would look great above your dining room table!

    • Ada says:

      Yeah, even I agree … the “ouchies” were worth it. Though, I did come close to stomping on the shade out of retaliation 😉 .. glad I didn’t

  2. Gloria says:

    I can’t believe how plush it looks! What a gorgeous DIY!

  3. trishie says:

    That’s a stunning lamp you’ve created! Love it.

  4. WOW! What an amazing idea, who would have thought a designer lamp could be made from coffee filters! Am so impressed! /Niki

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  7. ann says:

    How much time did you spend on making this? How many filters did you use?How much money total did you spend?

    • Ada says:

      Hi Ann, I used about 700 filters (which came to about $7), and the paper shade just cost about $5.95. As for the time frame, a few days since it was tiredsome and I wanted 1 side to completely cure/glue before I shifted to another side, I also multitasked (watching TV, haha). There is more details when you read the article in full.

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