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How was your weekend? It snowed in New York (AGAIN!!!), though not enough to be able to make another snow penguin or cupcake. I aim not to work in the weekends, but I managed to squeeze in some “catch up” work (without sacrificing family time). This is the year of letting things go for me …. no, not my bra (fresh!), I mean letting go of being a stickler of the have-to do this and that, of worrying that everything has to be “perfect” (in my eyes), of pushing myself with crazy deadlines. This is the year of showing appreciation to myself, so instead of going ‘insane in the membrane’ thinking of all the things I “classify as” have to dooooos, I’m chilling / meditating more. I have been LOVING my morning meditations with Oprah + Deepak = a treat for my body, mind, and soul. Did you know about their 21 day meditation challenge (it started on 3/11)? It is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G…. I love Deepak Chopra’s very calming voice.

So, since I have been a busy bee (that refuses to get a nervous breakdown by adding more “work” to my plate), I don’t have a “new” Monday’s Make-it diy for you today, but simply a “did-you-see-all-the-previous-diy-posts” type of post!  Huh? Huh? Wink!

Get your coffee / tea / wine glass/ green juice ready to sip away as you view some fun inspirational diy’s here. Of course, feel free to check out our other blog columns (listed on the right sidebar of our website).Wednesday I will be at a 6pm  lecture at the New York School of Interior Design about … Rudy Ross Wood, an prominent NY interior decorator in the 1920s.  If you are planning on being at the lecture, let me know and maybe we can meet up for coffee beforehand. Have a beautiful day!

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