Monday’s Make-it … { my blue/white stripe foyer }

How was your Memorial Day weekend? … the unofficial beginning of summer. The pool were we live (we live in a garden style co-op) where we are blessed with (garden <- a given) outdoor pool opened up this weekend (woohooo). Which meant that I got to catch sun-rays and secretly suck in my tummy when I walked around (hey, am I the ONLY ONE who is not ready for summer bikinis yet??).

Today’s make-it shows how I painted straight lines in my foyer + how I managed to remember what color was what stripe! I started by attaching my laser level to the wall, then following the laser’s linewith my painters tape:


Laser level and Blue paint are BFFs!!!!:


With a pencil I WROTE ‘BLUE’ on the sections that I wanted painted … you guest it … blue!


By the way, do you see the white coat rack below? Well, THAT IS GONE-ZO!!! Check out next’s week’s Monday’s Make-it to see how I used it’s hardware (hooks) to make a loooonger one with wood.

After prep work is ready, it was time to get our PAINT ON = also known as workout for the arms!!! Up … and down .. up .. and down. Did you notice that I painted the closet door as well?

Ready for a peek of the reveal? Here it is …. (next Monday I’ll show some better quality photos, including how I created the rustic mega-long coat rack):

Now that it’s the unofficial summer commencement, do you have any decorating plans on your to-do-list? I’m actually at the office today (yep, this designer didn’t take a day off) … but thank goodness for the weekend! I’m catching up today on a living room design that I am working on for client in Fleetwood, NY). Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

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16 Responses to Monday’s Make-it … { my blue/white stripe foyer }

  1. rose says:

    Looks great! I saw a similar idea in IKEA once and have wanted to use it! Also loving the pops of color with the wqtering can and flowers!!

  2. Nina says:

    Ada it looks great! Love the stripes!

    • Ada says:

      I love stripe shirts too so Its no surprise to my hubby that I COULDN’T HELP bring a stripe design into my walls :)

  3. Wow! I love the blue with the red, so pretty! And so clever!

  4. Janet says:

    Nice effect with the wide stripes.

  5. I love the color blue you chose. I not much of a stripe person when the colors are bold.

  6. Lara says:

    Thanks! This room looks very beautiful :)

  7. noreen says:

    hello ada, it’s summer break here, and i am happy to visit you again! i’m still working in the classroom, and going to a training on friday, but ahh… almost able to focus on blogging and my own house.

    hey - i love the way you made those stripes, and would never have thought to take it right across the closet door. AND it looks wonderful. thanks for sharing!

  8. It looks gorgeous! I wouldn’t have thought of putting blue and red together, but it looks beautiful. (Found you via Debt Free Mommy by the way).

    • Ada says:

      Aww, how WONDERFUL that you find it gorgeous. I usually carry this red bag to clients site since it holds a lot …. clipboard, swatches, etc. and as soon as I enter the foyer it goes right up on our DIY coat rack. Glad to hear that u found me from DFMommy site .. welcome!!!

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