Mike and Jacob’s Fab Foyer + Hallway

The other day I posted the design plan for Mike & Jacob’s empty foyer and hallway including a round chair, console tables, seating, etc etc … including these tree decals that were converted to coat racks when we added hooks shaped like leaves and steel branches (for a cool 3D affect, without the glasses!). Ready to see more? 

The design included this GORGEOUS custom abstract painting by the super talented Destiny Womack. We sent her the blue wall paint color swatch and she created a masterpiece of floating colorful beauty.

The black entrance console table came with 2 trays .. for easy (aka: cool) transportation of mail .. can’t take the table with you, but ya can take the tray!



It’s also awesome for soirees (yummy hors doeurves access).


In order to fit the ornate mirror frame we had to do a bit of this ….

Yep, a hole in the wall! We (um, not me … but my rock star contractors) shimmed the outlet over just a tad bit to make the HUMONGOUS (and gorgeous) mirror fit.  Then repaint, and voila … perfect fit.

Have I mentioned how cool I think these front-accessible photo frames are? Yeah, yeah, ok I did, but they r sooo cool! I mentioned it here too.

  Did you enjoy the tour? What’s your fave item in the space? Wanna guess mine? …. yep, the frames, no surprise huh! I gotto go now, but I hope you come back bec we have lots more to show you … including a few of my own home projects … yep, I’ve been playing with wall paint again (hint: ‘striped ceiling’), I also added some VERY economical wall decor (like $1.29 economical), and I still have to post the orange that I carved to look like a snail.


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2 Responses to Mike and Jacob’s Fab Foyer + Hallway

  1. Wow, the foyer looks great! And functional too. Love the hooks on the tree decals, and that artwork is AMAZING!

    I’ve never seen those front-opening frames before - definitely need to check them out!

  2. Ada says:

    Hey Kelly, glad u like the transformation! The frames r great for easily changing kids artwork too!

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