Isela’s beautiful master bedroom {the reveal}

Welcome to the tour of my client’s master bedroom. This room was a last minute add on - I was originally hired to decorate just the living room and guest room / home office. I’m so happy that my client, Isela, treated herself to revamping her bedroom as well. Few changes made a huge difference (see design plan here) … we kept her current furniture items (bed frame, side table, tall dresser) .. and beautified the room with carpet tiles that hugged the parameter of the bed, etc etc …. I’ll let you see the etc below …

Quick recaaaap time … this is how it looks now (the after photo):

This is how it looked before (psst, see where the dresser was before)?

Time to continue the tour - bookshelves re-organized and painted (white color for a modern chic sleek look). The window shades have a pull up/pull down feature so Isela can enjoy letting the sun and stars shine in while still maintaining privacy in her room:


Do you remember how the bookcase shelves looked before? All painted now including the door ….

Here’s the before photo of the room: 

More pics …

  The beautiful elephant artwork above was placed on the face of the bookshelf to (1) hide the items in the back (2) making the bookcase less cluttered looking. One of my lil design tricks. Do ya like?  This is the end of the tour. You gotta get out of the room now .. out out out .. or we’ll have to karate chop + mace ya’ll. Sorry. I haven’t had coffee yet so I’m a lil vicious, and I watched Spongebob cartoon this morn. What’s your fave part of the room? … the cool pull up/down shades … the lilac duvet … the dash of orange color in the bed tray/ pillow/ client’s slippers … the elephant artwork? If you are still in the touring mood, we have other tours (project reveals) over here.

Now, I have to get ready for a consultation (where’s my measuring tape? … stuff my bags with color swatches …  find address on where I’m going … etc.) so see you later. Psst, stay tuned for a new color story with black and white color inspiration.

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